Growing Bulbs on Water

The two things I love most about bulbs (apart from their gorgeous blooms of course) is the ease with which they grow and their versatility. You can even grow some bulb species indoors on water!

Not all bulbs can be grown on water; best results are obtained from hyacinths and “Paper White” narcissus.

The easiest way to grow your hyacinths on water is in a specially designed glass vase, shaped something like an hourglass. Alternatively, grow them in a cylinder container that comes with the bulbs, the pebbles and Chrysal cut flower food to keep the water clean.

It’s important to follow the growing instructions on the box. In particular it’s essential that the bulb itself is kept clear of the water. The bulbs’ roots will find their way down into the liquid. If the bulb has prolonged contact with water, there is a chance it will rot.

Grow “Paper White” narcissus on pebbles in the same way. “Paper Whites” produce masses of scented white blooms very early in the season – usually in late June.

For the next couple of months you and your family can watch enthralled as the bulbs grow – then push out their spikes of glorious blooms.

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Traditional Hippeastrum are large- flowering (20cm+) although many miniature hybrids have been developed in recent years. Colours range from pure white to lovely soft rose, pink, magenta, salmon, orange, red, mahogany, red and white striped beauties.