Manipulating Amaryllis

Living Christmas Decorations

Christmas may still a way away, but if you would like to do something a bit different, now is the time to start planning. Imagine the sight of Amaryllis in full and glorious bloom as part of your display.

It’s relatively easy to get your amaryllis to flower when you want them to. Just pick up a few Hadeco bulbs, slip them into a brown paper packet and pop into a fridge. The temperature should be around 5ºC - never below freezing.

This will fool the bulbs into believing it is still winter, keeping them dormant. The bulbs will flower in about 6 weeks once planted so pot them up around 10 November.

Pot into any size container (you can even plant it in a pot just bigger than the bulb), provided it has a drainage hole. Choose a good potting soil which drains well. The soil should be light, yet nutritious and contain no tree bark.

Hold the bulb so that its roots hang into the pot and then fill in the soil. Firm down so that no air pockets remain around the roots. The nose of the bulb should remain above the pot’s rim, with its shoulder protruding above the soil surface.

Once planted, water - any excess water should drain away quickly. If you have a tray under a pot, empty it out after an hour or so to make sure the bulbs don’t sit in water.

Place your potted amaryllis in a light, warm position. Water it every couple of days, and feed with Hadeco bulb food. In late autumn, stop watering and let your bulb have a well deserved rest. Repot every two seasons.

Top Tips:

  • For a red and white theme “Sundance”, a vibrant red and “Intokazi” a pure white are winners.
  • Potted Amaryllis make beautiful gifts

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Amaryllis Sonata Double - Alfresco
Amaryllis Sonata Double - Fanfare
Amaryllis Sonatini - Amalfi
Amaryllis Symphony Double - Rock 'n Roll

Traditional Hippeastrum are large- flowering (20cm+) although many miniature hybrids have been developed in recent years. Colours range from pure white to lovely soft rose, pink, magenta, salmon, orange, red, mahogany, red and white striped beauties.