Darling Dahlias

Along with hemlines, plants also seen to follow fashion trends. Dahlias were first grown in Aztec temples and when they first arrived in Europe two hundred years ago they became an instant hit. Once again dahlias are all the rage.

This is hardly surprising considering the endless variety that Dahlias offer and the ease with which they are grown.

Few will deny that Dahlias are useful and rewarding plants to grow. Planted after the danger of frost is over, they will flower from mid-summer right until the first winter frosts. Their flowers, which come in every flower colour except clear blue, range from miniatures less than 2cm across to giants the size of dinner plates.

Dahlias may be grown in any garden soil, but will do best in one that is rich in organic matter, phosphate and potash. The soil should never be allowed to dry out and the more organic matter the soil contains and the better you have mulched, the less water will be needed.

Hadeco offer a large selection of Dahlias. Lower growing, bushy kinds make easygoing bedding plants while the taller varieties are indispensable in herbaceous borders. They also look stunning when planted on mass. Here their varying colours and heights may be used to the greatest effect.

Top Tips

  • Dahlias should only be bought and planted from late September.
  • Dahlias like bright sunshine. The more sun they get, the sturdier the plants will be.
  • Dead head spent blooms to encourage more flowers.

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Traditional Hippeastrum are large- flowering (20cm+) although many miniature hybrids have been developed in recent years. Colours range from pure white to lovely soft rose, pink, magenta, salmon, orange, red, mahogany, red and white striped beauties.