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Totally Tulips

May is tulip planting time. Considered by many to be the Queen of Flowers, tulips have captured the imagination of poets and artists for centuries.

Contrary to popular belief, tulips originate from the Turkish Himalayas and not from Holland, although it is thanks to Dutch breeders that we have so many wonderful varieties.

To ensure maximum impact plant them in groups of 10 or 20. Some consider tulips difficult to grow, but this need not be the case if you consider their requirements. Most importantly they need cool, moist conditions from planting time onwards, to flower well.

This can be achieved by planting them away from heat reflecting surfaces like walls and adding a thick layer of mulch over the soil’s surface. Then water, with a sprinkler, every four days for forty minutes.

Top Tip

  • If you ordered treated tulips, Hadeco will send them to you in the last week of May. Because of the temperature treatment they have undergone, they need to be planted as soon as possible.

News Flash

Late May is Lily time!

A visit to our online shop, your local garden centre or supermarket in late May will reveal a gorgeous variety of Lilies for your garden!

Lilium longiflorum - Her glorious combination of snow-white blooms and majestic fragrance is certainly why this particular lily was gifted with the name Snow Queen … more …

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