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2023 trending flowers to inspire your garden

2023 trending flowers to inspire your garden

We know you can buy yourself flowers, but we love it when we see you grow them. With these flower trends you’ll be inspired to get planting and introduce a new bloom or two into your garden.  

Flowers are a love language, offering more value to the garden enthusiast than simply looking pretty. There is a fantastic variety of flowers that are gaining so much appreciation from experienced gardeners and novices alike, due to their growing popularity, historical beauty and their versatile utility.  

The rising ranunculus 

Ranunculus is a flower with a rich history, dating back to the 16th century. We’ve seen a rising demand for it in recent years and can recommend it for all types of gardeners. With its unique beauty it is no surprise that more people are seeking to grow this radiant bloom. 

Young, wild and freesia 

The typical flower child of the 70s was adorned in floral attire. From flowers in the hair, to flowy floral dresses and pants. Furniture and kitchenware too, was covered in flower designs. Cut freesia was a firm favourite in the 70s. Now, these flowers are re-emerging and gaining popularity. The beautiful fragrance they envelop is just another reason to love them. 

Historical Baroque flowers 

Interestingly, during the Baroque period, known for extravagant flower arrangements, many of the flowers used in displays were bulbs. Namely, Iris, Lilium, daffodils and hyacinths. We most certainly wouldn’t mind living in that period of time where so many of our favourite flowers were favoured in floral displays. Now, these flowers are making a comeback and growing in popularity. 

Winter bulbs 

Dutch iris make a charming addition to the late winter and spring gardenscape. 

Lilium, with their sweet-scent and trumpet-like flowers, are a gardener's delight. A bouquet of lilies in a vase brings instant brilliance to a room. 

Daffodils are the cheerful flower we all need after a cold winter. This year we have increased our range of daffodil varieties and are thrilled to bring more options for you to grow. 

Hyacinths are the fragrant flower with an aroma so uplifting that growing it once is never enough. This year, we’re bringing you more colours to choose from and grow this winter. 

Flowers with utility 

Growing flowers for their utility is a growing trend. It is common to see them used as decoration on food and in drink recipes. Some flowers are also sought after for their medicinal qualities. People are increasingly dressing their culinary delights with pops of colour that edible flowers bring to the table. Edible flowers are hands down the prettiest looking things we can eat. Beyond that, flowers are used for their utility in wreath or garland making or for their beneficial use in gardens. 

Sunflowers not only make a jaw-dropping backdrop when planted in succession, but they also are valued for their edible parts. These being their seeds and petals. They can also be harvested early into their development, as a microgreen.  

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There are so many reasons to love marigolds. They are beautiful as dried flowers, stunning as decoration and the perfect flower for vegetable gardens due to its pest-detering qualities. 

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With these exciting flower trends, you can create new stories and experiences in your own backyard. You will most certainly feel the inspiration that overflows from planting a flower you have never grown before. A garden is ever-changing and that in itself is inspiring.

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