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5 Ways to grow your statement succulent garden

succulent garden

Feel like planting something new? If so, why not experiment with succulents? Like most plants, succulents need three things to thrive – water, sunlight and nourishment. Simple right? What’s less simple is designing a succulent garden that looks truly spectacular. So, that’s where we come in! Consider our inspiring layout ideas below, and start enjoying a gorgeous and unique succulent garden year-round! Browse our range of succulents online.

Be inspired by these succulent garden ideas:

1. Create a succulent rock garden

Like the rockery look? Instead of designing a traditional rock garden, try interspersing rocks and boulders between striking succulents like Echeveria Echo, Mensa and Plusida. You can strategically plant your succulents to create the illusion of them growing out of rocks, and place earthen pot plants here and there to add to the natural look. Click here to view our selection of planters.

2. Design a succulent ‘seascape’

This one’s a lot of fun for the whole family! If you carefully choose your succulents and rockery, you can create a succulent garden that looks just like the sea floor. We have great options for you to choose from here, but perhaps consider ordering some Kalanchoe ‘Flap Jacks’, Euphorbia leucodendron and Aloe cameronii to finish off your backyard ‘coral reef’.

3. Plant your succulents vertically

Ever heard of a living wall or vertical garden? If so, get ready to put your DIY skills to work! You can use luscious succulents to create a vertical garden that is both evergreen, and ever-beautiful. We recommend finding a suitable wall planter for your vertical garden and giving it a fresh coat of paint to match your home’s interior. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can alternatively sew a hanging planter with pockets for your favourite succulents. Discover five reasons to plant a vertical garden.

4. Arrange succulents in pot plants

A classic home décor choice, succulents in pot plants make stunning indoor decorations. What’s more, you can hang them from the ceiling or wall to add another dimension to your home’s layout. Choose from our selection of planters and create a mini succulent garden for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or patio. (Learn how to bring your dream patio garden to life.)

5. Plant a succulent tapestry

Succulent garden or work of art? With a tapestry layout, you can decide. Choose succulents in different colours and textures and create patterns in your flower beds. You can follow a specific design template or improvise as you go. If you choose to follow a template, consider planting your succulents in rows of the same variety for an astonishing embroidery effect.

Got what you need to grow your succulent garden?

After reading these inspiring layout suggestions, we’re sure you’re raring to get going with your succulent garden. Just remember to stock up on all the supplies you need before you get started. Visit our online store to shop plants, tools and care products today. And if you’re interested, click here to find more succulent care tips.

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