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Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November
Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November

All I want for Christmas is: Amaryllis care tips

With its bold hues of red and oversized petals, the gorgeous Amaryllis is, without a doubt, the star flower of the festive season. So, as we edge closer to the holiday period, consider giving your brightly-coloured floral friend some TLC with our Amaryllis care tips. We’re sure you’ll want it front and centre on the Christmas table!

Amaryllis care

Amaryllis care for glowing seasonal stars

Get your Amaryllis bulb blooming in time for Christmas with these simple and effective flower-care tips:

Water properly

When an Amaryllis plant has no flower spikes, you should water it sparingly. However, if you see a spike beginning to grow, start watering it more frequently. But make sure the water drains out the bottom of the flower pot – the soil should be moist, but not soggy.

Place the pot well

Your Amaryllis plant needs plenty of sunlight, so move the pot to an appropriate spot in your house that receives full sun. Also, be sure to keep it out of drafty areas – believe it or not, Amaryllises can be sensitive to cool breezes.

Growing takes time

Once planted, your Amaryllis bulb can take four to five weeks to produce blooms, whether it’s a first-time bloomer or a reblooming bulb from last season. So don't stress if yours is taking longer than expected to flower. Remember, patience is a virtue. If you haven’t planted your Amaryllis bulb yet, try to plant it before the end of November so it blooms in time for Christmas.

Keep an eye on the flowers

When you notice the Amaryllis flowers starting to open, move the pot to a spot in your home that receives indirect sunlight. The flowers tend to do better with less light. To keep your Amaryllis plant healthy after the seasonal bloom, trim off the flowers as they fade.

Amaryllis care

Our top Amaryllises for the festive season

Amaryllis Symphony

The Symphony hybrids are larger than other types of Amaryllises, with their blooms spanning to 20cm in diameter. Because of their impressive blooms, the Symphonies are best suited to outdoor settings where they can be a real focal point – like outside your front door to welcome guests. Our favourite festive Symphonies are the cardinal-red Symphony Merry Christmas (a Merry Christmas, indeed!) and the Symphony Inferno with its stunning crimson bloom.

Amaryllis Sonata

You know it, you love it (and so do we), the classic Amaryllis Sonata Top Choice is definitely our top pick of Amaryllis for the festive season, sporting an impressive array of bright, bulbous candy red petals. The Sonata’s blooms are around 14cm in diameter, making it suitable for indoor use in areas where you want to make a big statement. 

Amaryllis Sonatini

This Amaryllis Sonatini is a free flowering variety, producing multiple stems and trumpet-shaped blooms of many colours. Sonatini flowers are around 8cm in diameter, making them ideal for table settings. For a kiss of red and cream this festive season, we recommend the Sonatini Hot Lips. If you’d prefer a more orangey bloom, go with the Amaryllis Sonatini Bright Spark – it’s as beautiful as the northern lights (and just as bright).

Amaryllis care

Not an Amaryllis care in the world

Now that you’ve got Amaryllis care tips for a stunning Christmas bloom, all that’s left to do is spend some quality time with your Amaryllis bulb!
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