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Bulbs: Tips for effective gifting

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”

This lovely quote by Keats illustrates perfectly why bulbs make a thoughtful gift. With a little kit containing everything the plant needs to flourish, your loved one will have a thing of beauty that just keeps giving. Gifting flowers is always effective, whether you are offering harvested flowers arranged into a professional bouquet, or as a potted plant and nothing says “I care” quite like a handmade gift. Combining the two will result in a gift that is not only made with love, time, attention and care but looks beautiful enough to be store bought. Grow the bulbs yourself, and give them as gifts when they reach their flowering stage. The time and energy you invested will give the gift a deeper meaning, as opposed to simply purchasing a pot plant.  

Flowering: Timing your gifts well

Amaryllis is also known as The Christmas Flower, and it makes such a wonderful gift not only because of the beauty of the bell-shaped flowers but also because they flower in a relatively predictable time period. It typically takes approximately 5 weeks for them to flower after being planted, allowing you to time your gift perfectly. It may be tempting to give the gift when the flower is in full bloom, but resist, and aim to give your gift when the bud is looking ready to open, so that the recipient may enjoy the blooms in their own home. bulbs

Gifts for new and seasoned growers

The best way to motivate a new gardener is to give them a gift that promises an irresistible reward. A selection of bulb packets arranged into a Zinc Filja Pot with a Galvanised Garden Trowel brings together a few of the essentials needed for a garden. A great gifting tip is to avoid pots and planters that are covered in bright designs. They may be pretty, but opting for something simple and understated will increase the chances of the pot blending well with the recipient’s decor. This elegant Hurricane Arizona Vase is the perfect gift for the avid gardener. Functioning as a display vessel for harvested flowers, it has a basic design that is sophisticated and blends well with any decor. Add some Chrysal Universal Flower food and a packet of your favourite summer bulbs, like Amaryllis, for a complete gift. Every gardener needs a good display vase to showcase their successful growings! This Creme Pot is a beautiful addition to the home. Add some flower care products like the Chrysal Universal Flower Food and give a perfect harvested flowers “kit”.

Adding a personal touch

Gifting someone with large outdoor pots is a fantastic idea. If the gift is for family members like aunts, uncles, or grandparents, make it extra special and unique, get the children to decorate the pots. Capi pots are a fantastic gift for those who love to surround themselves with plants. Capi pots offer a lightweight alternative to regular ceramic pots. They are unbreakable and offer protection for plants from both UV rays and frost. For a gift that is everlasting, consider this stunning Capi Nature Vase The Bulb Book is a great addition to your list of gift ideas. Our informative book gives the reader insightful information on bulbs, while it also makes a lovely coffee table display for anyone to peruse. Equip both new gardeners and seasoned green-fingered friends with everything they need to know about gardening with bulbs! A thoughtful gift! For more gifting ideas, bulbs, accessories and endless plant wisdom, scroll through our product listings, you’re bound to find something you want to gift yourself with, too (and you deserve it, it’s been a long wait to summer!)  
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