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Capi Europe garden planters: Stylish and sustainable

Capi Europe garden planters: Stylish and sustainable

Beautiful, structurally sound and made using environmentally-friendly processes, Capi Europe garden planters are a favourite among plant enthusiasts. Not to mention flower bulbs! With the brand’s recent awarding of the CO2 Neutral label, the premium Capi Europe range is certainly worth every cent. Browse our selection.

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Gardening sustainably with C02-neutral garden planters:

Netherlands-based Capi Europe recently received a C02 quality mark for its climate-neutral production methods. This means the company has significantly reduced its greenhouse gas emissions to play its part in conserving the environment. Capi Europe is the first in its industry to carry this label – an impressive indication of its commitment to sustainability. Interestingly, owner Toine van de Ven indicates this is only the beginning. Capi Europe’s mission is to ‘Grow a greener life.’ So continues to look for ways to further reduce its C02 emissions. Explore Capi Europe planters online.

The CO2 Neutral label – a milestone in environmental responsibility

Vinçotte, an independent association, awards the prestigious label. It is only obtained through serious, demonstrable environmental efforts. In the case of Capi Europe, the switch to ‘green electricity’ (through solar panels) is what earned it this recognition. Admirably, the company compensates for its remaining C02 emissions by investing in a CO2 reduction project in Zambia. Whatsmore, the products are all 100% recyclable and last up to ten years, helping gardeners reduce their own carbon footprint.

As a Capi Europe supplier, we are thrilled that the company has been awarded the CO2 Neutral label. It is a great accomplishment and significant milestone in the company’s environmentally-friendly trajectory. We look forward to hearing more about the developments surrounding this award, and will keep our loyal customers updated on any further news.

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Classic and contemporary Capi Europe planters

With practical and sustainable designs gaining Capi Europe international recognition, the gorgeous designs are really just the cherry on top! With a range of textures, colours and styles to choose from, home owners can find the perfect fit for their home. The pots are light-weight and highly durable, making them easy to move around and suitable for harsh outdoor environments. And whether they are displayed in the garden, on balconies, terraces or the home interior, Capi Europe planters are guaranteed to make a statement. Elevate your home décor with garden planters.

Pick a style and place an order

Capi Eruope redefines classical class and modern elegance with its innovative and aesthetic products. Explore Classic, Lux Terrazzo, Lux Heraldry, Nature Rib, Nature Row, Nature Stone, and Nature Wood garden planters online. (Click here to view our full Capi Europe selection.)

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