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Chrysal flower food: A guide to cut flower care

There’s nothing more beautiful than a blooming bouquet of flowers to brighten up a room. All cut flowers need proper care for the best possible vase life. Whether you are a grower, retailer, or consumer, the correct treatment can extend the life of your cut flowers. Chrysal produces flower food designed to provide cut flowers with the necessary nourishment to keep them in bloom. Pair Chrysal’s flower food with proper treatment and your bouquets will have the maximum lifespan. Chrysal’s flower food

The treatment of cut flowers

Flowers need different care once cut from the mother plant. Everything from the water to the vase to the environment can affect the lifespan of your cut flowers. Flowers that received optimum care during the growing phase will have the best chance post-harvest. After harvesting, flowers can be affected by both the temperature and humidity. High temperatures cause cut flowers to develop too quickly, while humidity causes the fungus Botrytis. Controlling the temperature and storing in a clean environment preserves blooms. Once cut flowers reach their destination, it is advisable to cut the stems before putting them in water. The initial wound created during harvesting starts healing immediately. This minimises the stem’s ability to absorb water. The wound also promotes the growth of micro-organisms which contaminate the vase water. Cutting the stem removes any contamination and allows the flower to absorb water and flower food effectively. Always use a sharp tool and remove at least 5cm of the stem.

Displaying your blooms

A glass vase is the best vessel for displaying cut flowers. Using the wrong container could reduce your flowers vase life. Always clean your vase before use. Dust and bacteria can build up during storage, which will contaminate the water. A good scrub and a rinse should do the trick - Chrysal has some great cleaning products for vases. Fill your vase with fresh, clean water before placing your bouquet. Never use old water, the contaminants will affect your flowers. Chrysal’s flower food

Feeding cut flowers

Feeding cut flowers is essential for natural flower development. You want your bouquets to bloom as if they were still attached to the mother plant. For cut flowers to reach their full potential, they need nourishment through every stage of distribution. Nourishment comes in the form of Chrysal flower food, dissolved in the vase water. Chrysal’s flower foods have been specially developed to provide cut flowers with every nutrient they need for optimum vase life. The food also helps regulate the vase water, keeping it clean from contamination. Chrysal provides formulated plant foods for every stage of your cut flower’s life. Providing your flowers these valuable nutrients will help bouquets reach their maximum lifespan. Ensure your displays bloom with life with Chrysal. We stock a variety of Chrysal products. Visit Hadeco’s online shop to find the plant food for you.
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