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Create a mini zen garden in 6 serene steps

We all need to press the pause button from time to time, and take a step back to realise and regain what’s important. In the home, aesthetics can help you achieve a more relaxed, balanced state. Many people use plants, like pot plants and vertical gardens, to reconnect with nature, and re-establish their sense of self. Do you want to turn your living space into a retreat for reflection and meditation? Create your own zen garden with help from the Hadeco gardening experts. (Shop our online store before you get started.)

How to make a mini zen garden:

1. Choose your container

To begin your garden, find a flat, shallow bowl or planter. You will want a low-lying container so that you can easily see and access your garden. We like ornamental ceramics for this type of garden. But you can use any material you like! For inspiration, take a look at the Capi - Lux Terrazzo Flat Bowl, Capi - Nature Rib Bowl, and Capi - Nature Wood Bowl we have available for order online.

2. Position succulents

Succulents work very well in the ‘zen’ aesthetic, adding a pop of gentle greenery and shades of blue to an otherwise blank slate of sand. If your container is shallow enough, you can place your succulents straight in (container included so there is potting soil for the root systems). We suggest placing your succulents in your pot before filling up with fine sand to make the process a little easier, but you can plant them afterwards if you would prefer. Explore our range of succulents online.

3. Add fine-grain sand

Once you’ve positioned your succulents in the pot, fill up the surrounding area with fine sand. Mica has a range of sands that will work perfectly. For a typical zen garden look, opt for a cream coloured sand. If you would prefer something more modern, try the charcoal shades. Take a look at our stock here.

4. Place pebbles and decorative items

Have you considered personalising your zen garden? Adding pebbles, marbles, seashells, decorative beads, pearls, sentimental trinkets, and glitter can help you create a unique look. One that suits your personal style, and home aesthetic. Browse our selection of pebbles and accessories online.

5. Position miniature air plants

No indoor zen garden is complete without a statement air plant or two. The smaller varieties are perfect for your display – all you need to do is pop them on top of the sand. They don’t require planting soil or direct sunlight. Just water and admiration! We like the Tillandsia ionantha rubra in particular for this project, as they are small in size, and have a clean, sophisticated look. But any of our available air plants will work nicely, depending on your garden layout and style.

6. Add the finishing touches

By now, your mini garden should be just about ready for your living room. If there are any final touches you would like to add to perfect your little masterpiece, like a rake or tea candle, pop them on now. And voila! You have a beautiful, personalised zen garden.

Find your inner calm with a mini zen garden

Congratulations on completing your zen garden! Now you can enjoy more mindful and meaningful moments in your home. For more information about indoor garden maintenance, get in touch with our team.

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