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Create a vertical garden and cherish your time at home

We’re all at home more often than not these days. And if you don’t have a big outdoor space, things can start to get a little stuffy. Cabin-fever is no joke – we all need the influence of nature in our lives to feel refreshed each day. So, why not make your time at home worthwhile and create your own vertical garden to enjoy? There are so many benefits of a pop of having living greenery on your patio, in your lounge, or in your kitchen. And we’ve got some of them listed neatly here for you to peruse. (Learn how to make a vertical garden.)

5 reasons you need a vertical garden:

1. It saves space

Want to enjoy the outdoors over the next few weeks, but know you’ll be homebound, sans backyard? Vertical gardening is an efficient way to bring the outdoors into a home with little or no garden space. For example, you can set up a pallet garden against a wall, or suspend some planters from the ceiling. Wherever you want that presence of greenery, the vertical garden allows you to add it in an instant, with no cost to your living space.

2. You can grow herbs and veggies

With trips to the shop few and far between these days, a vertical garden becomes extra valuable as it allows you to grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables at home. You will never have to worry about running low on fresh flavourings for your soups and pastas, nor garnish for your salads and cheese and cracker spreads. All you need to do is create your vertical herb and veggie garden and prop it up or hang it in your kitchen. Bon appetit!

3. It is visually appealing

A vertical garden is not only practical, but can be just as beautiful to look at as an expansive garden area. It is what you make it, though, so it’s up to you to create a masterful display of plants and flowers that provides that tranquillity every indoor space needs. Whether you prefer succulents and cacti, green leafy creepers, or vibrant, blossoming bulbs, you can tailor your vertical garden to your own unique taste and interior aesthetic. Explore our range of plants and herbs for your vertical garden

4. It is an opportunity to recycle materials

Many homeowners are taking the environmentally-friendly route when it comes to interior decor, repurposing old materials and revamping gardening elements to create statement features in the home. For example, you can paint old gardening planters and use them to create the suspended garden we mentioned earlier. And you can find bits of fabric and stitch them together to make a quirky pocketed herb garden for your kitchen. There is so much you can do to create the vertical garden aesthetic without spending a cent on containers. You just need to be resourceful. 

5. It allows you to get creative

We all need to delve into creative outlets for general wellbeing, and during this unique time in our history, perhaps now more than ever. Vertical gardening gives you the opportunity to explore different colours and textures in the plant world. And allows you to mix and match them to create something that reflects who you are and what beauty looks like to you. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Find your favourite seasonal bulbs and plants

Are you ready to create your own vertical garden?

If you're feeling inspired to get off the couch and get your hands dirty with gardening materials, now’s the time! Trust us, a vertical garden will have you feeling so much more refreshed indoors, and will be a joy to create too.
For more information about vertical gardening, get in touch with us.

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