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Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November
Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November
DIY Air Plant Wreath

DIY Air Plant Wreath

Nothing says holiday spirit like a well decorated tree or wreath! If you haven’t put up the latter yet, you can totally repurpose your air plants into a stylish festive wreath! Don’t have any air plants? Shop them here. 

It’s as simple as gathering the following supplies and following a few basic steps. 

In no time, the door to your home will be adorned with a fresh and festive wreath. If you prefer, you can keep it indoors as part of your holiday decor instead. 

After the holidays, all plant elements can be carefully taken off the wreath and charmingly scattered around your home and garden! 

Get your air plants ready, plant lovers, it’s time to get creative! 


  • Air plants*
  • Spanish or sphagnum moss
  • Wreath frame
  • Green florists wire 
  • Scissors
  • Spray bottle 
  • Ribbon / rope for hanging 

* Quantity of air plants is dependent on the size of your wreath frame. For a 30cm wide frame we used 12 air plants.

Step 1 

Start with twisting your moss around the frame. You choose how much you want to cover up the wreath frame. Spanish moss twists easily around the frame. Whereas, with sphagnum moss may require florists wire to secure it. 

Step 2

With your moss in place and providing a hydrating base for your air plants to rest on, you can now begin with where you want to position each of them.

Step 3

For each air plant, cut a 10cm piece of wire. Twisting it around the base of the plant. 

Step 4

With your finger, make a gap through the moss on the front of the wreath where you would like to place the air plant. 

Step 5 

Insert the air plant's wire through a gap in the wreath and secure the air plant in place by twisting the wires on the back side of the wreath onto the frame.

Step 6

Repeat this until you have secured all the air plants you’re using, onto the frame.

Step 7

Secure a piece of wire / rope / ribbon at the top of the wreath and hang it in your desired position.

Air Plant Care

Keep your air plants happy in bright indirect light. Mist them thoroughly twice a week. 

To ensure they receive the nutrients they need, add air plant fertiliser to your misting mix. We recommend using EasyGro Foliar Feed for Air Plants / 1 heaped scoop per litre of water. 

If you don’t have time to make one or want to spread holiday cheer with the gift of a living wreath? Shop it here

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