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Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November
Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November
Imported dahlia

Eight gorgeous flowers and vegetables you can plant in August

Every month offers something exciting to plant, so you can welcome change into your garden all year round. You may be wondering what flowers you can plant in summer? Well, some of your favourite summer flowers will need to be planted now, while winter is turning into spring. 

What a glorious experience it is to plant seeds today that will be tomorrow's blooms (and food) that will fill your garden, home and appetite. Welcome the abundance that comes from bulbs and seeds by growing these eight gorgeous flowers and vegetables. 


Imported dahlia

When it comes to our imported dahlia, there is a key difference to our locally-grown lovelies and that is that imported dahlia must be planted immediately.

These trusty tuberous roots will be delivered from mid-August and will need to be placed into the ground once received, to ensure your summer bloom. Yes, you’ll be adorning your summer party tablescapes with cut dahlia, as long as you plant them at the correct time and tend to them with thoughtful, loving care.

When planting these earthly treasures, you may be wondering whether you should divide the dahlia tuber. To ensure the successful growth and flowering of your dahlia you should plant the entire tuberous root without separating the tubers. Do not plant any broken tubers that have been separated from the crown unless you can see sufficient crown material still attached to the broken tuber (about 1cm). 

P.S. Our locally-grown dahlia should only be planted from October and will be delivered from September. You can plant all the way through to the end of November. 


Zantedeschia (arum lily)

You can pot these pretty princesses up once you receive them from mid-August. Great impact often comes in small pots. Calla lilies are extremely pot-friendly and will look delightful around your home when they come into flower. They also double as stunning cut flowers which you can add to your summertime arrangements. Their flowers offer an elegant shape that makes a big impression even when displayed on its own in a vase. What’s more, they offer a long-lasting bloom. 

If you haven’t yet added these beauties to your summer garden plan, you haven’t missed out, shop them here



Canna lily

Hadeco proudly supports other local bulb growers. One such bulb that we get from a local farm is canna lily. The rhizomes can be planted this month and will add a tropical atmosphere to your garden. Who needs a tropical island getaway when your own backyard is an oasis? Start planting these striking flowers this month. Their attractive foliage and long-lasting blooms are a must-have in the South African summer landscape. 



Bearded iris

Bearded irises can be planted all year round, so nothing is stopping you from getting them in the ground this month. 

Our local supplier of bearded iris has a stunning collection on offer and we are delighted to introduce a few new varieties to you, namely ‘Coral Beads’, ‘Midnight Bash’ and ‘Victoria Falls’.

Add these swoon-worthy beauties to your garden now. Shop our bearded irises here



Daylily (Hemerocallis)

Hemerocallis is an incredible flower that you can also plant this month. Tolerant of a range of soils, and long-lasting, these flowers will surely bring delight to your summer space.Their cheerful appearance is best appreciated in the mixed perennial border.

Live your most treasured garden moments among daylilies in bloom. Get growing now. Explore our newest additions ‘Meadow Blush’, ‘Mineola’ and ‘Raging Pink’ here



Make your own green juice by growing your own kale! What a soul-nourishing experience to consume food that came from seeds you planted…

Over and above being soul food there are a wealth of benefits that growing your own veggies has to offer.

These leafy greens are high in nutrients and antioxidants and by growing them yourself you have complete control over how organic and sustainable they will be. Plus this will ensure you get the full nutritional benefits of this superfood. 

In as little as six weeks, you’ll be able to start harvesting this blitz vinnig vegetable. Enjoy your homegrown kale in stunning summer salads or smoothies and glow from the inside out with this green gem. 



Eating vegetables you have tended to and nourished through cultivating fertile soil and ensuring organic care just tastes better. A beautiful vegetable to grow this month is beetroot, that you will be able to harvest between 8-9 weeks. 

This delightful veg can be juiced, roasted, boiled or pickled. The leaves are also edible and can be used in salads or cooked. 

Feed the stomachs and souls of the people you love with your organic and homegrown beetroot.  




What’s up, Doc? Let your inner Bugs Bunny run wild with your own patch of organically grown carrots. Growing them yourself really does make them taste sweeter. 

The well-loved vegetable is delicious raw, stir-fried, roasted and steamed. The leafy fronds are also edible and can be used in salads or even as foliage in your summertime floral arrangements. 

You’ll have a carrot in hand anywhere between 12-14 weeks after sowing. 

Fill up your harvest basket with homegrown delights and enjoy the natural wonder of growing your own food and flowers.

T-T-T-That's not all folks! Many of our other summer flowering bulbs such as Hippeastrum amaryllis, Louisiana irises, Eucomis, glads and tuberose can be planted once received from mid-August, as we will begin delivery of these from then. 

Your summer garden will soon be underway with a mix of these gorgeous flowers and vegetables! If you have found some inspiration and want to add another one, two (or three) of these delights you can find these at your local garden centre or nursery from August 2023 or you can shop them online. 

Happy gardening, garden lovers! 

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