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Garden ideas: Inspiration in the wintertime

Winter is hanging in the air like a crisp promise of sleepy mornings and early evenings. If you’re looking for garden ideas to get yourself outside and busy beautifying your garden, help has arrived. Winter gardens are as abundant with harvests as summer gardens.

Wonderful winter garden ideas

Each season brings its own offerings from the soil. We love that winter is potato season; it’s also avo season and time to pick baskets full of nuts. If you don’t have any of these crops growing in your garden, it’s the perfect time to get busy. Some crops will yield this winter, others will yield next winter.

Grow a vegetable garden

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Organic vegetable garden fertiliser

As the sun sets earlier and a noticeable chill creeps in, hearty stews, soups, and baked dishes replace the salads and the ice cream treats we enjoyed in summer. Fortunately, nature agrees - the most flavourful vegetables flourish in winter, adding this high on your list of new garden ideas.

  • Onions, spring onions, garlic, shallots, and leeks form the foundation to your belly-warming winter comfort foods. Plant them in autumn for a winter harvest. Onions will only yield the following winter, but get them into the ground now anyway. You’ll be glad you did, this is an exciting way to get started on your garden ideas.
  • Perpetual spinach is a vegetable that offers abundant harvests. Simply cut the leaves you wish to use, they will regrow, giving you a continuous crop.
  • Broad beans feed the ground as fast as they feed your family. All legumes pump a rich supply of nitrogen into the soil, helping to maintain a fertile growing medium. They are also quick to establish after planting.
  • Peas are a lovely winter vegetable to enjoy. They’re also pretty hardy garden crops. Varieties like Pea 'Meteor' especially so.
  • Tender and fresh asparagus from the garden sounds delightfully tempting. This crop will take two years to start yielding, but once established each crown can yield up to 25 crowns per season.

Improve the quality and quantity of your harvest by feeding your soil. Pokon’s organic vegetable garden fertiliser is jam-packed with everything a veggie garden needs to thrive.

Winter garden ideas with Ranunculus

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Winter is not typically associated with vivid flower beds. Yet, some of the most radiant flower bulbs bloom in the chilliest months. One example of a beautiful winter flower is Ranunculus. They’re as lovely as roses but without the tedious pruning. We would call them the highlight of all our winter garden ideas, but there are so many beautiful winter bulbs to choose from, we prefer to think each corner of the garden deserves its own highlight - ranunculus is certainly one of them.

Bringing colour into the beds with Hyacinths

There is so much you can do to embellish your garden beds with gorgeous colour in the winter time. The Hyacinth is one such reminder. Partner them with similar coloured flowers for a clearly defined colour scheme and inspirational garden ideas. They tend to do well in areas that enjoy winter rainfall, alternatively, a thorough soak every 3-4 days will also keep them thriving.

Winter garden ideas for bountiful harvests: Add fruit trees

Nature has a way of ensuring all the foods that benefit us appear at just the right time of the year. In summer, we see fruit-bearing trees yielding crops with lots of water (for hydration in the heat) and higher sugar levels (for energy in the longer days). In winter, the grapes, the watermelon, mangoes, and peaches disappear. Instead, we have foods that help us stay insulated; avocado pears, nuts, and hearty vegetables. Winter is your avo tree’s time to shine.

garden ideas

Gardening tools to simplify planting in the middle of winter

We are fortunate to enjoy mild winters in South Africa. Frost touches a few regions, but for the most part, we can continue to enjoy getting our hands dirty in the rich and bountiful soil of our gardens.

The winter bulbs range brings us some of the classics, like daffodils and tulips.

As true garden enthusiasts, we have created a number of planting innovations, if you would like to continue gardening but find it too chilly to immerse yourself fully in the outdoors. Grow your own vegetables in this handy no-bend growing table. Add this vegetable garden fertiliser and a great quality hand trowel and you’re set. Looking for some colour? Browse our winter bulbs here.

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