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Garden resolutions for 2018

A new year brings new goals and dreams and plenty of opportunities to plant new bulbs. January is the perfect month to set your gardening goals and plan your horticultural calendar. Ensure your garden is in full bloom all year round. Forgo the traditional self-improvement promises and set yourself the task of bettering your garden. These 2018 garden resolutions will keep your flower beds blooming.

Be an organised gardener

garden resolutions Start your gardening year as you mean to continue - organised and well-planned. Keeping your garden looking great all-year-round requires planning and forethought. Think about the seasons and the different types of bulbs which flower at different stages of the year. Plan your garden resolutions, knowing when and what you want to grow, will help prepare for planting. Seasonal bulbs, such as tulips, need to be ordered and planted at the optimum time to maximise the ideal blooming period. Label your stored bulbs and make a note of the planting period in your calendar, so as not to forget them. Extend your organisational skills beyond your planting regime. Keep your garden tools, potting soils, and plant food stored neatly together and always clean your tools after use.

Use colour in the garden

garden resolutions A new year provides the perfect opportunity to give serious thought to the look of your garden. Make 2018 a year of blooming colour with considerate planting and colour blocking. Use colour to draw attention to your garden and make areas stand out. Plant bulbs that are the same colour together to create seas of white, pink, yellow, purple, and orange. That is why this bold display of colour will add depth and contrast to your garden, making it both aesthetically pleasing and striking. Be sure to plan your planting and bulb choice if you want to create blocks of colour in your flower beds.

Consider planting indigenous bulbs

garden resolutions Indigenous plants are beneficial to your garden. They attract and sustain valuable bird and insect life and are better suited to the existing climate, adapting to change easier than non-native plant species. The Bulb Book, by Charles Barnhoorn, is a comprehensive guide to growing bulbs in South Africa. It provides detailed information about indigenous bulbs, as well as bulbs suited to South African conditions. The book can be purchased from Hadeco’s online store and is a great starting point for the aspiring gardener.

Take the time to enjoy your garden

garden resolutions A beautiful garden requires hard work and constant attention. Tending to the flower beds doesn’t seem like a chore when you love horticulture but don’t forget to take the time to enjoy your garden. Put a bench or some outdoor furniture under the trees and set aside a few moments of your day to relax and revel in the beauty of your blooms. Stock up on bulbs and fill your garden with beautiful blooms this year. Hadeco’s online store has a wide variety of seasonal bulbs. Click here to browse.
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