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7 essential garden tools to get in spring 2018

It’s winter time. Mornings are cold and frosty even in parts of South Africa. The world wants to lie in and stir a little later, even the sun gives itself a grace period of rest before it begins its slow ascent skywards. Most of our favourites in the garden are in dormancy, or at least semi-dormancy, all except a few winter blooms. That’s okay, we don’t mind. It gives the gardeners an opportunity to rebuild and renew their vision for the summer. Winter is also the perfect season to get a few essential garden tools for summer. While a good workman never blames his tools, the right tools make the job simpler and faster. Some of the handy garden inventions help you to succeed in growing the demanding plants you may have battled with in the past.
These essential garden tools go a long way in helping you create a bountiful and rewarding garden.

Garden tool essential #1: Bulb tray

garden tools
Bulb trays can assist with correct spacing when you’re planting your bulbs. They’re great if you decide to unearth your bulbs at the end of the season. Ever worried about plunging that spade into the earth and hitting a bulb that’s not accounted for? We’ve all been there. The bulb tray allows you to lift all the bulbs out, with ease. This bulb tray package gives you 3 rectangular bulb trays that are 7.0 x 25 x 21 cm in size. Order here.

Garden tool essential #2: Garden kneeler 

garden tools
Spending all day outdoors is grand. The fresh air is magnificent for your body. The sound of the birds would cheer anybody and the vitamin D you’re getting from the sun has an uplifting effect on health. But kneeling for hours on end can take its toll on your back. Because we are keen gardeners ourselves, we’re familiar with the creaks and pains that come with bending over for prolonged periods.
That’s why we’re importing the most innovative invention for green-fingered folks, the garden kneeler! It’s lightweight and easy to carry around the garden. Turn it one way and have your knees resting pleasantly on the foam support. The two arms on the side are perfect to pull yourself up with. When you turn it onto its other side, it acts a sturdy stool to sit down on. If you’re a keen decorator in the home, you’ll also love this product. It’s perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. Order yours here.

Garden tool essential #3: Growing table 

garden tools
 Let’s talk about growing food at standing height. Wouldn’t that be grand? Imagine a garden tool that allows for harvesting your vegetables from a grower that’s the same height as your kitchen countertops. Imagine being able to move your crops as it suits you.
You can bring them indoors during frosty periods or out of the harsh sun in summer. We supply gardeners with a growing table that addresses many of the concerns that come with growing herbs. It’s a wooden table that’s designed with 4 separate compartments, each could house a different herb or vegetable variety. We’ve sourced a growing table that’s made from Class III northern pine, and we’ve ensured that it is FSC certified. Order yours here.

Garden tool essential #5: Rain gauge 

garden tools
 Wondering how much water your garden receives? If you’re cultivating picky growers, it’s important to keep track of these details. Order a rain gauge and always stay in the know.

Garden tool essential #6: Galvanised hand trowel 

 Ever battled to dig up a stubborn patch of earth, only to have your hand trowel break midway through? Having cheap garden tools break during use is not only annoying, it increases your risk of injury too. We’ve experienced these misfortunes, we know how exasperating it can be.
So, we have managed to source the best quality hand trowel we could find. It’s designed to consider ergonomics, preventing hand and wrist fatigue. It also has a sharpened the blade to give you better slicing power to penetrate tough turf. The fact that it’s galvanised means it’s rust-resistant and longer-lasting. For perfection, it has an added a hole at the top for easy storage. This design has covered all its bases. Purchase one and experience the difference

Garden tool essential #7: Bulb and seedling planter

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 Who said there are no shortcuts in life? This particular bulb and seedling planter gives you the best gardening results without blood, sweat, and tears. The bulb and seedling planter buries your bulb at the correct depth (which you have chosen) with minimal effort. It’s like smearing butter with a warm knife! Once again, we’ve sourced a product that considers ergonomics to ensure your hand doesn’t fatigue. It also reduces the chances of injury.

The joys of garden tools that work

We’ve sourced these garden tools using our personal experiences in the garden. A few basic implements can increase the time you feel comfortable outdoors and maximise the rewards you get for the energy you’ve spent. After all, we’re all doing this for the rewards that come in spring. Give these garden tools a go, if you love them, let us know by getting in touch with us, we love hearing from you.
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