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Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November
Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November

Gardening kit: Give your loved one the gift of gardening

Looking for a holiday gift for that special someone? Treat them to a beginners gardening kit from Hadeco, full of the flower bulbs, plant fertilisers, plant foods, and tools needed to bring a garden to life. We've got a broad selection of products available this festive season, but the following are the ones we deem most essential for starting a new garden from scratch. Enjoy! (Click here to visit Hadeco’s online store).

gardening kit

10 gardening kit essentials for the beginner gardener:

1. Flower bulbs

First on our list is flower bulbs, of course! Beginner gardeners will love receiving flower bulbs, as they are easy to plant and don’t require much gardening experience to care for. No matter the time of year, there will always be a gorgeous selection of bulbs in stock, from summer stunners to winter wonders. You can order your loved one’s favourite seasonal varieties from our online store, and expect your delivery within 14 business days from when stock becomes available.

2. Vegetable seeds

Next up, we have vegetable seeds – because what garden is complete without a vegetable patch? Not only does growing your own veg reduce your monthly food bill, but it ensures you have an endless supply of fresh, ready-to-use seasonal produce for your home-cooked meals. Green beans, cabbage, beetroot, butternuts, carrots, and kale, for example, are all available at this time of year, and would make an excellent starting point for a new vegetable garden. Browse our full selection of vegetable seeds.

3. Lawn seed

In our opinion, every garden needs a rolling lawn – especially if the homeowner has children. It is so lovely for kids to have access to a lush, green lawn so they can play games and sports outside. Even if your loved one is older, we’re sure they would enjoy a nice picnic on the grass every once in a while. Apart from the entertainment benefits of a lawn, there are other reasons to plant grass in your garden. For example, the intricate root systems of the rhizome helps bind soil together, preventing soil erosion and encouraging water absorption. Hello, healthy soil for flourishing flower beds! Explore our selection of Pokon lawn seed products online, and place an order for your gardening kit.

gardening kit

4. Fertiliser

Quality fertiliser is important for a new garden, as soil often has insufficient nutrients for healthy plant growth. What’s more, as plants grow, they tend to deplete the soil’s nutrient supply further. So regardless of what the soil quality is like, it always makes sense to invest in nutrient-rich fertiliser when starting a garden. We have plenty of Pokon fertilisers available for order. Some work well for specific flowering plants, like Pokon Rose Fertiliser, and some are better for vegetable gardens, like Pokon Vegetable Garden Fertiliser. Take a look at our full range online and shop the products you prefer for your gardening kit.

5. Compost

Compost is another Hadeco gardening kit essential. Why? Because just like fertiliser feeds the plants, compost feeds the soil. The components of compost encourage the healthy activity of microscopic bacteria and fungi, as well as earthworms and other organisms needed for the natural development of quality soil. If you want to gift your family member or friend compost this festive season, consider giving them a functional compost heap that they can maintain in their back garden. You can provide them with tips and tricks from our compost heap blog post, and offer to help them set one up. The best gifts are the ones that last, right?

6. Plant food

When little plants turn into big plants, they need all the nutrients they can get. That’s why we’ve added plant food to our gardening kit list. Liquid and granular plant foods provide immediately-available, quick-to-absorb nutrients that help plants make the most of their growing season. A great holistic plant food that we have on offer is Hadeco Bulb Food. It encourages strong roots, vigorous foliage and abundant flowers in outdoor plants. If you’re interested in indoor plant foods, browse our selection of Pokon products here.

7. Gardening trowel

Every gardener needs a sturdy gardening trowel on standby. A trowel is essentially a small spade, perfectly sized for single-handed gardening activities, like digging holes for flower bulbs, loosening small areas of soil, applying fertiliser, weeding, and moving bulbs into pots. Explore more Talen Garden Tools online.

gardening kit

8. Hand cultivator

Next on our list is the Hand Cultivator, the perfect hand-held tool for tilling soil and preparing garden beds for seasonal flower bulbs. If your family member or friend has a passion for fabulous floral displays, we’re sure they will love to receive one in their gardening kit! Click here to find more products like this.

9. Gardening spade

What’s next in our gardening essentials top ten? It’s the humble spade – a simple tool most commonly used for digging, mixing, and moving soil. Often confused with the shovel, the spade has a narrower blade with a less curved structure, which means it is sharper, and ideally suited to digging trenches and creating precise, sharp edges around garden beds. Place an order for this useful gardening tool and more online.

10. Garden rake

Last, but certainly not least, is the garden rake. It’s a useful tool for breaking up dirt and smoothing it out so it lies flat, which is important when planting young seedlings and tiny seeds. We have several garden rakes available for order from our online store, from the 12-tine galvanised garden rake to the miniature version (for mini gardeners!). Find the perfect rake for your loved one here and add it to your gardening kit.

gardening kit

Will you invest in a gardening kit this season of giving?

Being a beginner gardener is an exciting time, though it can be a little daunting without the right gardening kit! This festive season, give your loved one a special kit made up of our gardening essentials, and enjoy growing a brand-new outdoor paradise together. Shop Hadeco online today, and contact our team for more information about our gardening supplies.
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