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Hadeco Bulbs: Extend your flowering time

Hadeco Bulbs: Extend your flowering time

January is one of the most vibrant months of the year; summer has settled in and your flower bed should be brimming with Hadeco bulbs. The question often asked at this time of year is "How do I get my garden to carry on flowering so well"? While all of the Hadeco bulbs come packed with all the "power" they need to grow and flower for you, with a bit of extra care you can get some of them (especially Dahlias) to keep up the spectacular display month after month. Start by deadheading the flowers as they begin to fade. For repeat bloomers like Dahlias this will trick the plant into thinking that it hasn't produced any seed and so will spur it on to push out even more of its gorgeous buds. Don't forget that most bulbs make excellent cut flowers so pick some for the vase while you are busy. Deadheading also prevents the bulb from expending any effort on producing unnecessary seed. Rather it will concentrate its energies on fattening up its bulb for the next summer's flowering. Most bulbs only benefit from feeding once their flowering period is over and they begin to store nutrients up for winter dormancy and the next season's blooms. Others, like Dahlias and Tuberous Begonias will generously reward you with a grand show if you give them a fortnightly dose of specialised bulb food. Hadeco bulbs food has been scientifically formulated by the Dutch experts to give your bulbs (and other flowering plants like annuals) the optimal amount of nutrients in the correct balance. With that done, lie back and revel in the glory that is summer.
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