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Chrysal - Better bouquets

Chrysal is an innovative company that supplies high-quality products to consumers. Their post-harvest and flower food products were designed to keep flowers looking vibrant longer, and stall the wilting process. Anyone who has ever had to pay for a bouquet would appreciate the value in that, and if you are harvesting your own flowers you have grown from bulbs, all the more reason to want to extend their longevity. Chrysal’s ability to deliver products that are truly effective hinges on the research they perform, seeking to understand each stage in the life-cycle of flowers and plants. Every product released by Chrysal has been rigorously tested and approved for retail by the laboratory, only after satisfying results have been identified. The science behind their products gives them a truly superior edge! chrysal

Beautiful bouquets

Some of the interesting research the Chrysal laboratory has uncovered is the role played by ethylene in the aging and dying process of flowers, leaves, and buds on a plant. Ethylene is the only gaseous plant hormone that has been identified, and it regulates the rate at which a plant ripens and ages. That is partly why cut flowers wither and die so quickly, because once a stem is cut, the cut plant produces greater quantities of ethylene, taking it through the natural stages of its life much faster. Environmental factors like tobacco smoke, exhaust fumes, microorganisms, among others, also release ethylene into the air, which cut flowers naturally absorb. The normal internal ethylene levels combined with the external ones cause a large amount of the hormone to bring on early aging and wilting in the plant. The Chrysal Ethylene Buster will prevent this premature aging, although it cannot undo any side effects of ethylene, so be sure to take the necessary measures as soon after the flowers have been harvested as possible, in order to offer effective protection against the dominance of ethylene. chrysal

Summer bulb harvests

If you’re planning some festive flower arrangements during the holidays, Amaryllis are most beautiful as stand-alone decorations, but can also be added to other bouquets. Extend their lives with the Chrysal Professional 2, which is a conditioning product for all cut flowers, with nutrients which keep the flowers in peak condition. Their lifespan is best increased with a slanted cut to the stem and ensure they are placed into a vase of fairly shallow water to further prevent cracking and curling. The vase you choose for this should be able to handle some weight, as the Amaryllis flower can become quite heavy at the peak of its bloom. These large, soft, pastel flowers add a warm, feminine touch to the home and the office space, so incorporate it comfortably into your decor this festive season. Need some flower food? Have a look at some of the Chrysal products available on our online store now here! For more tips on flower care and more info on these products, visit the Chrysal website:
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