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Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November
Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November

A secret recipe for lush lawn - all year (even in droughts)

Lush lawn. The grass is greener where you… No. Forget it. You can water the grass to your heart’s content, sometimes it stays patchy and brown. And who has countless litres of water to spend on maintaining lush lawn? That’s not a luxury we can afford in Africa. But if you have a family, children or grandchildren, a rich expanse of lush lawn forms an important part of family life. You want to have picnics outside, let the children role around, run, jump and experience the happiness of playing outdoors. You know how much healthier it is for them to fill their lungs with fresh air and run until their cheeks are flushed with colour. lush lawn The perfect lawn to complete your garden

How to get greener lawn - ALL year

Or maybe you want a lawn to complement your flower beds. If you’ve taken the time to create bursts of colour in the garden, it shouldn’t all come to an untimely end where your lawn begins. Not interested in the reasons for having a green lawn but you need one, and you need it fast? Of course you do. Pokon has developed 3 specialised types of lawn seed designed to provide lush, green grass that survive the toughest conditions. Which option is right for you? lush lawn

Pokon Lawn Seed - Play

This is the family edition of Pokon’s Lawn Seeds. It’s designed to handle the trauma of impact on a regular basis, we recommend that you keep on the grass as much as you want to. Roll on it, relax on it, let go of your worries on it.

How Pokon Lawn Seed Play creates hardy lawn

This seed is ideal for growing new lawn.
  • The unique self-recovery capabilities give incredible durability
  • Tolerates treading very well. Its resilience is unrivaled
  • Its success lies in the drought-resistance qualities
  • Each seed is coated for optimum germination
  • We’ve used RPR technology to ensure the grass will make horizontal shoots
A blend of seeds that is used on sports fields and schools. It promises years of happy treading and lush greenness. You can purchase it online lush lawn Lawn that recovers with vigour

Lawn Seed Recovery

On a Monday morning when you’re dragging yourself to an upright position and slowly waking up, think of those patches of tired, rusty looking lawn. Grass that’s growing sparsely is stressed. Trying to coax it into becoming lush is like asking you to shot put first thing on a Monday morning, before coffee. Lawn seed recovery is a remedy that is specially designed for lawn that is spread too thinly and failing to thrive. It’s an SOS for stressed lawn, designed to fill in those bare patches.

How Lawn Seed Recovery transforms your lawn

  • Each seed is coated, providing fast germination within 1 week.
  • Germination can occur at cool temperatures as well as warm temperatures.
  • This seed is suitable for established lawns with bare patches and new lawns
  • Its water-wise attributes keep it lush in dry conditions
Get that lasting quick-fix and restore your greens. Order your lawn seeds: online lush lawn Lawn for the shade

Lawn Seed Shade

A rich, thick lawn that runs all the way to the roots of your trees...What a happy idea. Sadly most lawns become patchy under trees because they battle to thrive in the shade. Having lawn under the shade would be ideal because you could utilize that grass for picnics and games much better. It also just rounds-off the garden better.

How Lawn Seed Shade gives you fuller, lush lawn

  • Our unique seed is coated for optimum germination
  • It uses science-backed methods to restore bare patches and help winter lawns to recover
  • We use a strong blend to ensure the grass has a high treading tolerance
  • Once the grass has taken root, it will require significantly less water than traditional blends, keeping it lush in drought conditions.
This blend is ideal for those seeking a lawn that is resilient and battles with shade. Suitable as an SOS seed for your greens, it can be used to improve the general well-being of your grass. Place your orders online

How to get the best results from your seed blend

While each bled offers different qualities, the preparation process is very similar. For instructions on planting each blend, please consult your packet.
  1. For the best results, the soil should be warmer than 6 degrees, and the air temperature should be around 15 degrees.
  2. The ideal soil would be moist, and the weather should calm.
  3. Ensure the seeds are equally spread out, if they germinate too close together it will hinder their growth.
lush lawn Your new yard A low-maintenance lush lawn adds value to your life and to your property. Having a reason to go outside and kick a ball starts with a welcoming surface. At the same time, you want to maximise the curb appeal of your property by having a positive presentation of it. A greener lawn will create the impression that your home is looked after. All of this is attainable without back-breaking work and ongoing time commitments. If you’re unsure which lawn seed blend is best suited to your needs, feel free to get in touch with us  and we’ll happily answer any questions you have. If you are ready for a garden that rejoices with colour, order your scientifically created Lawn Seed today.
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