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Make a flower crown from home-grown flower bulbs

Maybe you have a special event coming up, or you love to get creative. Maybe you like to grow flowers and you’re looking for a fun way to wear them. Either way, a flower crown is a must-have for summer, especially if you have children in the family! They grow their bulbs and nurse to flower their plants. They can also harvest them and turn them into beautiful festive flower crowns. It is best to consider what your colour scheme will be before you start. Also, consider your style - do you love large flowers with more detail on certain areas of the crown, or do you prefer a narrow and delicate crown that’s balanced all the way around? Choose your bulbs only after you have decided what colour and style you prefer for your flower crown. These are our top flower crown bulbs and plants for a festive and beautiful fairy decoration for your hair.

Dahlia’s for a brighter flower crown

Dahlias are among the best flowers for flower crowns. They’re easy to grow which makes them a great choice for children. When we say Dahlias, we should perhaps be more specific, as ‘Dahlia’ is the name given to a genus that is diverse in colour, shape, size, and scent. One of the most spectacular in the Dahlia range is the Dahlia Pom-Pon Lollypop, but whether it is practical for a flower crown depends on the shape you want. Its roundedness makes it suitable for flower crowns that require a little bulk to them. Dahlia Border Carola is equally marvellous without the roundness, making them easier to incorporate into a crown. The Dahlia Cactus Good Earth variety is reminiscent of an underwater sea creature or coral and is easily intertwined with a springy vine to form a crown.

Polianthes for a fairytale flower crown

Have you ever seen such a delicate and ethereal white flower? Polianthes look like little snowflakes that landed on the stem of a plant. They’re great additions to a flower crown because of their daintiness.  The popular variety “The Pearl” is a neutral white colour that complements any palette.

Daylilies: the centrepiece on your flower crown

Daylilies are also known as Hemerocallis. They're called Daylilies because each flower only lasts one day (although the plants are very floriferous, and will ensure a lasting and rewarding flowering season). It may seem odd to include Daylilies in a flower crown. While the crown won’t last, a Daylily will add a bold and dramatic statement to the crown for one day. A flower crown does well with a centrepiece, especially if the centrepiece is near the side, behind the ear (centrepiece referring to the centre of attention rather than its position on the crown).

Zephyranthes for a delicate touch

These dainty trumpet-shaped flowers, Zephyranthes, are a delight. They’re available in delicate pinks or white, again, complementing the colours most commonly used for a flower crown. Accompany them with a few smaller flowers, like baby’s breath, for a feminine and fairy-like look. Zephyranthes are on long stems of around 30cm in height, which is the perfect attribute to make weaving it into a crown easy.

Flower crown and summer fun

Children of all ages can make a flower crown. Boys can make flower crowns too, incorporate more neutral colours and different sprigs of green. Leaves in different shapes and sizes work to make a masculine and pixie-like crown. You can dry out your flower crowns and keep hem forever, depending on the vine you choose to use for the base. To keep your flower crown fresh for the day you make it, pop it in the fridge until just before you use it. Our summer bulbs are available to buy now. Order them online for fast delivery from our website, or drop us a mail and we’ll contact you. Shop for summer bulbs now or get in touch.
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