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Make your own flower arrangements with home-grown flowers

Flower arrangements take home décor to the next level – bringing in a fresh and delicate feel and a welcome pop of colour. And with so many gorgeous garden varieties to choose from, you can roll up your sleeves and get really creative. Keen to design your own flower arrangements with home-grown bulbs? We’ll give you a few pointers to get you started, and then the rest is up to you! 

flower arrangements

What you’ll need for your flower arrangements:

  • A vase of your choice (or quirky alternative container!)
  • Garden shears
  • Thorn stripper 
  • A selection of flowers
  • Water
  • Chrysal Cut Flower Food

Create flower arrangements in 5 simple steps:

1. Select your flowers

There are so many ways you can go about your flower selection. Start off by exploring your garden, and see which varieties are in season. You can choose ones of a similar colour, or go for a contrasting palette. An irregular arrangement with different flower lengths and colours with pops of greenery can be very effective.

flower arrangements

Our arrangement favourites:


Eye-catching and colourful, the stunning Dahlia varieties are wonderful additions to a flower arrangement, and pair beautifully with roses of a similar hue. 

Spray roses

These delicate-looking blooms have long stems, perfect for creating height and depth in your display. 


Vibrant and summery, the Gladioli comes in many bright colours, and makes a bold statement in flower arrangements. 


The arum lily varieties look lovely when displayed on their own. If you have some in your garden, choose two or three complementing colours to arrange together. 

flower arrangements

2. Select your vase 

The vase is an important part of flower arrangements, as it sets the tone and style. And the vase doesn’t have to be a vase! For a quirky floral display, arrange the flowers in a pair of rain boots or in hanger on your front door. Nothing says ‘welcome to our home’ more than an entrance bursting with colour! And if you're into the rustic look, consider placing your bouquet in a vintage lantern or watering can. Displays like these are great conversation starters, and give your home a touch of whimsy.

3. Prepare the flowers 

Remove the thorns with a thorn shearer. Then, using garden shears, cut each flower stem at an angle, about an inch from the base. If your display vase is shallow, you may want to cut more off the stems. Remove the leaves near the bottom of the stems that will sit below the waterline.

flower arrangements

4. Prepare the vase

Clean out and scrub the vase or container thoroughly. This is an important step, as dirt and bacteria cause microorganisms to flourish, which can prevent the flowers from absorbing water and nutrients properly. Once your vase is clean, pour water into it and add some flower food solution. This will kill off any remaining bacteria and keep your bouquet looking fresh.

5. Add the flowers 

Work from biggest to smallest – start with the largest flowers and place them in a circle, turning the vase as you go to create symmetry. Continue with the smaller flowers until your bouquet is looking full and vibrant.

6. Add some greenery

Finish off your flower display with some grasses, leafy stems and berries. A complementary pop of greenery adds textural interest, and can provide much needed relief in brightly coloured flower displays. 

flower arrangements

Ready to make your own flower arrangements? 

Creating a flower arrangement with home-grown bulbs allows you to handpick flowers to suit your home, and your personal style. And what better way to express yourself than with an array of flowers, arranged to your taste?

If you want more variety in your home-grown flower arrangements, order some bulbs for your garden

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