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Nurture your rose garden with quality plant care

Roses, glorious roses! The delicate blooms in red, pink, yellow, cream, and coral brighten up flower beds over the summer months. We love them for their bright blooms and sweet fragrance – but mostly for their romantic association. And with the month of love approaching in the new year, now’s the perfect time to get your rose garden established. In the mood for some fun in the sun? Shop Hadeco’s online store for gardening supplies.

rose garden

4 products for a thriving rose garden:

1. Pokon Potting Soil

When planting rose bushes, make sure you choose nutrient-rich, well-draining soil. Young plants need all the nourishment they can get to grow optimally and produce bountiful blooms. With this said, we recommend Pokon Potting Soil for the job. The product is a quality mixture of raw materials, including peat litter, lime and wood fibre, encouraging water retention and nutrient absorption by the plant. Pokon Potting Soil comes in 5L bags – explore our website to place an order.

rose garden

How to use it:

  • Once you’ve found a sunny spot in your garden for your rose bushes, dig holes which are large enough to fit the root systems.
  • Next, loosen the root systems and place the rose bushes in each hole, filling the space with Pokon Potting Soil.
  • Using a gardening spade, gently press down on the soil to secure the bushes in place.
  • Water the site thoroughly.

2. Pokon Coco Growing Medium

rose garden

If you’re looking for an alternative to Pokon Potting Soil, try Pokon Coco Growing Medium. It is 100% natural and consists of composted coconut fibre, ensuring a well-aerated and loose soil structure for speedy root growth. We recommend Pokon Coco Growing Medium for pot plants in particular, so consider using it if you want to plant your roses in planters. The product comes ready to use – all you need to do is add water!

3. Pokon Rose Fertiliser

When it comes to rose garden health, fertiliser plays an important role. Pokon Rose Fertiliser is an organic product, specially designed for rose bushes. Not only does it feed the plant instantaneously, but it improves the overall quality of the soil, providing nutrients for up to 120 days.

rose garden

Essential nutrients:

Zeolite and algae

Pokon Rose Fertiliser is enriched with naturally occurring minerals, zeolite and algae. This organic matter increases plant resistance to disease, while promoting abundant flowering.

Magnesium oxide (MgO) and Iron (Fe)

The fertiliser contains Magnesium oxide and Iron, enhancing the colour intensity of rose blooms.

How to use it:

  • First, measure the amount of fertiliser you need using the measuring spoon enclosed in the pack. Young plants generally require about 10-15gm each.
  • Spread the fertiliser granules evenly around the base of each rose bush.
  • After application, gently rake the granules through the topsoil.
  • Water the site immediately to activate the fertiliser.

4. Efekto Rosecare

Roses are no stranger to disease and pests. Using an effective fungicide and insecticide is imperative to the health and longevity of your rose garden. We recommend Efekto Rosecare – a ready-to-use micro-emulsion for the control of black spot, rust, powdery mildew, thrips, aphids, and red spider mite. The product comes in a 750ml bottle, and can be used every seven to ten days as required.

rose garden

How to use it:

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Set the sprayer nozzle to a medium to fine droplet size.
  • Hold the bottle at an arm's length and spray the targeted plant, ensuring the leaves are covered on both sides. Click here for safety information.

Bring your dream rose garden to life

With the right gardening products, we believe anything is possible! Discover our broad selection of gardening accessories online, and place an order for our top four rose care products.

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