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Bulbs: Creative Christmas ideas

Bulbs make marvellous gifts and serve a decorative purpose too. They are a marvellous way to add cheer and colour to the home during the Christmas season. You can use the same seasonal bulbs that everyone is enjoying this summer, and arrange them to look completely unique, these are our creative Christmas ideas!


Creative Christmas ideas There has been a lot of buzz around Amaryllis with Christmas approaching. Take advantage of their long necks when you use them in your decor. Keep them in good company by surrounding them with a smaller type of flower, like Azaleas. Complementing colours between the Amaryllis and the Azaleas, like pink or red with white, will allow the Amaryllis to hold its head high above the riot of pretty faces and bring that sense of order and sophistication to the ensemble. Use a fairly wide planter inside the basket to comfortably house all of the plants together.


Creative Christmas ideas   Dahlias are a deeply rewarding bloom. They really just require a display method that is sweet and simple, allowing their natural beauty to take the spotlight. Using neutral colours, like white, in your table decor allows the Dahlias to bring life and colour to the table. It also makes for much easier matching, being a practical colour you are likely to have in crockery cupboard.


Creative Christmas ideas Glads, like Dahlias, have a beauty that speaks for itself. Once they are harvested they can be arranged in a glass vase for the best effect. Arrange the stems to reach from corner-to-corner, as depicted, this will fill the vase with the lush green of their stems. The arrangement depicted is white, but a riot of colour is just as effective. Add a small charm to the vase by selecting an item that would complement the dominant colour in your arrangement. This refreshing white is fantastic as a centrepiece, especially when matched with a touch of red and green in the table decor. Swap the starfish for a cut-out snowflake and you have the perfect Christmas decoration!

Enjoying your arrangements

The patience and work invested in your bulbs pay off when you harvest your blooms. Festive arrangements are fun, and need not require specialised accessories or long, drawn out instructions. The flowers in themselves are the beauty, the art of arranging them simply means uplifting and complimenting their natural appeal. There exists a wide range of fantastic accessories to enhance your flowers, both harvested and growing. Hadeco is passionate about seeing the fruits of hard work displayed beautifully. Browse through our accessories to find the right ones for your personal style and preference here. We also have a list of products we recommend, among which can extend the life of your harvested flowers, provide quality growing mediums, assist with flower arranging and you can find products that will keep your indoor plants polished and glowing with health. You can find them all here.
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