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Planting preparations are underway

If you are planning a colourful summer in the garden, the time to prepare is definitely upon us. Planting season is here, and bulbs are rather specific in their requirements, so it is great to prepare your garden beds and soil so that it feeds and offers good hospitality to your bulbs, after-all, you want them to blossom and thrive, rather than just survive. Along with planting preparations, you can also start planning where to place the pots that will house bulbs.

Consider the season

Take into account what kind of sun and shade the areas of the garden you have chosen to plant your bulbs in, will get. Take into account what the sun will be doing at each time of the day. Consider your choice of bulbs too, their preference should map out your next activities. These summer bulbs generally love getting lots of sun but will benefit from periods of dappled shade during the day, in extreme heat.


Gladioli create a beautiful riot of colour in the garden, with a shade for every preference. They like sunny areas or lightly shaded spots. Prepare their beds by using a garden fork to loosen the soil. It only needs to be loosened around 30 cm deep, and compost can be added to the loosened soil. Remember that Glads need good drainage, so make sure their roots will never sit in swampy conditions after you water them. View all gladiolus planting

Gloriosa Flame lily

These South African indigenous bulbs look stunning around the home in pots. They can also be planted in the garden, but require excellent soil drainage and no soggy, clay soil. Before planting wait until the soil is warmed up in spring, and place each tuber horizontally in the ground, around 10 cm deep. These bulbs should be allowed to retreat into dormancy throughout winter, getting no water. Stop watering them towards the end of summer as their leaves start to yellow, but not before that, they do still require watering after they flower. They like partial shade, and their lovely flowers will brighten the areas of your garden or home out of direct sunlight. Buy now planting


Also known as the Arum lily or Pig lily, these summer bulbs are a deciduous, winter-dormant species. They need to be planted before the end of November. They like sunny areas or lightly shaded spots. Prepare their beds by using a garden fork to loosen the soil around 30 cm deep. They need to be planted with the bulb facing upwards, around 20 cm apart. They like full sun to semi-shade. They work in pots and in the ground, provided they get enough moisture. Expect beautiful flowers that are suitable for harvesting around December/January. View all zantedeschia

Perfect match: Summer bulbs and their accessories

The perfect bulb that blossoms in the perfect manner after it has been given the perfect care, needs the perfect accessories to present it. After all, you’ve come this far. The market presents an exciting array of pots, vases, and planters to choose from.

Pots and planters

The Capi Nature Egg Planter Row is a lovely natural texture that works for most tastes and styles of decor. It will compliment most of your bulb species too, being something of a neutral style that allows the colours and shapes of the plants it houses to take the spotlight, which is what you want. Bring it into a home with minimalist decor, and you have something wonderfully eclectic, or add it to your vintage, rustic or modern aesthetic for a wonderful visual appeal. Either way, it just works! Add some Dahlia Pompons to this pot, for a quiet, unassuming, elegance.   planting The Capi Lux Oval Planter is a great addition to your home, with its modern design. Being a Capi pot, it will also offer insulation to your plant's root systems, maintaining even temperatures throughout the heat of summer. This design is modern, but understated and makes a beautiful gift, especially when paired with the perfect bulbs. Add some Dahlia Top mix Rose for a lovely feminine ensemble. Did you know that although Capi pots look like concrete pots, they are actually extremely lightweight and virtually unbreakable? Browse Capi Pots now For more tips, trick and ideas for planting a vibrant and blooming garden all summer, connect with us on Facebook, or get your bulbs, accessories, and supplies from our website.
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