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Potty for Tulips

Potty for Tulips

Elegant Tulips are the epitome of spring – so let them form a dramatic focal point in perfect pots and containers for a great spring showing.

Known for their bold colours and beautiful shape, most Tulips are almost perfectly symmetrical. This wonderful symmetry gives them a classy, clean look that can adorn either your garden or your lounge table. Hadeco has carefully treated each bulb and as a result, they grow really well in pots or containers and need very little care.

The choice of container is key. Tulips will need a large container - a minimum diameter of 45cm with an outside height of at least 38cm - one that is a neutral colour and not too fussy in design as you don’t want anything to detract from the colour and shape of the Tulips themselves. Here’s our suggestion for our perfect pot! 

If you use a smaller container your flowers will have less of an impact, and the bulbs might not thrive. If your pots need to stay outside all winter long, you’ll have to go even bigger, and get a container that’s at least 60cm in diameter. This way the pot will have enough soil to isolate the bulbs and protect them from freezing. As with all flower bulbs, your main mantra should be drainage, drainage, drainage. Tulips that sit in waterlogged ground will rot so make sure your container has holes in it. 

Planting time for pots and containers is the same as for your garden: late Autumn.  Although it might seem like a quick solution to fill your container with soil from your garden, it’s better to use a mix of potting soil and sandy soil to mimic the ground the bulbs came from. Plant the bulbs just as deep as you would in the ground, around 5cm. You can however ignore the standard spacing guidelines of about 8cm, and plant the bulbs in a circle, really close together but not touching.

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