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Succulents: Maximise healthy growth

Pokon is a well-known company in the horticultural world. Their useful range of products offers a variety of plant care options, from potting soils to fertilisers. Pokon has been a part of the gardening scene since 1929 and is continually perfecting their winning formula. They develop carefully balanced plant foods for a variety of different plant species, designed to provide the plant with the correct nourishment to maximise healthy growth. Let's take a look at succulents as an example:

Why choose succulents?

succulents Succulents are a growing trend. Everywhere you look, these sculptural, versatile plants are making an appearance. They are increasingly popular in both the garden and the household and make excellent gifts for family and friends. They come in many colours, shapes and sizes, their resilience making them a popular choice. Succulents display a wide variety of appearances and can all be identified by their trademark fleshy, sap-filled leaves. They originated in arid, desert areas, making water retention a vital capacity for survival. This ability to hold water makes them ideal low-maintenance plants for the household.

Help your succulents flourish

succulents Considered low-maintenance, succulents still require correct care to ensure they grow successfully. Caring for your succulent includes; providing sunlight, water, and nourishment. They do well in full sunlight but can adapt to the lower lighting conditions. An indoor succulent should be placed in an area where they will receive light daily. If your succulent is beginning to look stretched and elongated, the plant is not receiving enough light. It is very easy to over-water them. Their fleshy leaves have adapted to store water, enabling survival in dry conditions. Pot your succulents in well-draining soil, taking care to water them well, but less frequently. succulents Nourishment comes in the form of plant food. Pokon provides the ideal plant care product - Pokon Cacti and Succulents Plant Food. This has been developed especially for these plants to ensure healthy growth and flowering. Succulents go through three periods throughout the year - growth, flowering, and rest. Feed them once every two weeks during the flowering period (October to March) and the growth period (straight after flowering). During the flowering period, it is advisable to keep them out of direct sunlight. They will require a light sunny spot once they are in the growth period. The rest period is from June to August, during this time you should not feed or water your succulents.   Succulents make the perfect gift. Paired with the Pokon Cacti and Succulents Plant Food, they should last for years to come. Our online store has a range of Pokon products and flowerpots for your perusal. Browse our products here.   succulents
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