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Summer bulbs: Sensational season blossoms

Summer is the season to rise, shine and celebrate the warmer days and shorter nights. Gardens burst into life, parading vivid colours and glowing sweetly with delicate fragrances. A garden that beckons you outdoors takes some planning and preparation beforehand. The right time to start deciding what to plant, and ordering your summer bulbs is now, as winter draws to an end. It means that your orders arrive in time for Spring planting, while still allowing for soil preparation time too.

Prepare for glory!

The first step in preparing for summer glory is to choose your bulbs. The next step is to prepare their beds. Ensure that the space you wish to plant them in is able to provide them with the right balance of sun, shade and water. You can then prepare the soil, and plant your bulbs a week thereafter.

Summer sensations: Choosing your summer bulbs

With our wonderful, warm climate supporting such an abundantly wide variety of plants, it can be challenging to decide which bulbs to plant. Prepare your soil at least a week before planting, to enable the fertiliser time to mix with the soil, and prevent the bulbs from getting burned. Remember that raw manure is also not recommended in the soil, it needs to decompose first, also to prevent burns to the bulbs. As mentioned, it is important to consider where you wish to plant your bulbs and selecting plant varieties that will thrive in those conditions. Gladioli is an example of a flower that enjoys lots of sun, well-composted soil and good drainage. Gladioli can really liven up a garden, especially because they come in such a large variety of colours, with a shape that allows for dense placement. Purchase now! summer bulbs Polianthes, commonly known as the Tuberose is a beautiful, delicate looking plant, but don’t be fooled by this tough cookie.They can survive moderate frost and also withstand dry conditions fairly well. They are very particular about not being left to stand in soggy or marshy conditions, favouring a well-drained soil. Their beautiful white flower makes them a wonderful attraction. summer bulbs Zantedeschias or Calla Lilies should be planted in early spring, about 15cm apart and 5cm deep. Arums enjoy rich soil, and prefer full sun, but can be grown in partial shade. The flowers consist of tiny inflorescences borne directly on a fleshy stem, called a spadix,  which is enclosed by a large folded bract, called a spathe. The broad leaves are arrow- shaped and carried upright. Purchase now! summer bulbs

Finding inner balance, outdoors with summer bulbs

Summer bulbs can contribute to a sense of inner calm and satisfaction, as you gaze over your garden and admire the incredible abilities of the earth. You can choose to grow according to a monochrome theme, with perhaps one or two colours only, or you can choose to create a vivid and bright array of colours, shapes, and heights. Find all of your bulbs, and get the best growing advice, from Hadeco.
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