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Winter Bulbs - Colour me cool

While South Africa is heading into the hottest months of the year, January and February, the reminder that winter is around the corner lies in the fact that it is already time to start planning your winter garden and acquiring the winter bulbs you wish to enjoy during the cold months. With this fantastic range of blooms, there is no need to lack for anything at all in terms of colour in the garden. Be sure to sketch and plan what you have envisioned for the season ahead of purchasing.

Winter bulbs you can order now:


[caption id="attachment_4955" align="alignnone" width="300"]winter bulbs Orange Daylily[/caption]

Known by their nickname Day lilies, these gorgeous winter bulbs add a sprinkling of warmth to the cooler months. They are named Day lilies because each flower will only last for a single day. In good conditions, however, numerous flowers will be produced and the blooms will be available for enjoyment for some time.

Give them a rich soil with a good moisture component, in a full-sun spot. While they only flower for a period, they are evergreens, adding volume to the garden all year. If they are well-looked after, they will live a long and beautiful life, offering numerous blooms. They play a beautiful role as part of a mixed perennial border. Crushed shells or gravel around the roots will keep snails and slugs at bay, while a good amount of water and nutrient-dense soil will reward you with profusely available, radiant blooms.


[caption id="attachment_4956" align="alignnone" width="300"]winter bulbs Hyacinth Flowers[/caption]

The legend behind of the name of the flower states that the flower grew from the blood of a young man who was accidentally killed by the Greek god, Apollo. The story says that in his grief, Apollo would not allow the young man to be taken by the god of the underworld, Hades, but instead grew a beautiful flower from his blood. The flower was stained with the tears of grief that fell from Apollo and was named Hyacinth after the youth.

Looking at the blooms formed by this winter bulb, one can not help but feel moved by the story, however legendary it may be. Being wonderful additions to the garden, they are versatile enough to work perfectly in pots too. They enjoy continuous moisture around their roots and should be buried in loosened soil, just below the surface. For the best possible results, add 3CM of mulch to the top of the soil to help maintain an even temperature and prevent moisture loss.

They appreciate monthly feeds, the Hadeco Bulb Food is the perfect product to achieve happy, well-fed plants and radiant blooms.


[caption id="attachment_4957" align="alignnone" width="300"]winter bulbs Yellow Daffodil[/caption]

Another flower with a tie to the Greek myths is the daffodil, also known as Narcissus. Narcissus, as legend tells the story, was a beautiful nymph who fell in love with his own reflection in a stream, not knowing it is himself he sees. After wasting away at the side of the water, broken-hearted, he dies. Where his body lay, the Narcissus flowers, or daffodils, first appeared. Looking at these flowers, it’s easily understood why they are so easily associated with the beautiful nymph.

The daffodil is the precious kind of beauty that requires proper planning and mapping out in the garden before you simply dive in and plant them recklessly. They look most effective when they are grouped together in large numbers. If large numbers disagree with your budget, clump them together in a pot instead and place the pot at a focal point where they are sure to get the attention they deserve. Give them soil with adequate drainage, sand can be added to soil that is too rich. A potassium-rich fertiliser will ensure a good flowering season, while a chilly soil will charm the plant into a successful growth period. Place them in a spot that provides them partial shade and they will bring you happiness and golden beauty throughout the flowering season, for many years to come.  


winter bulbs

Also known as the Bugle lily, this dainty colourful bloom enjoys winter rainfall or generous watering in dry areas. They’re available in white, purple, yellow, crimson, scarlet and various shades of oranges and pinks. They love a well-draining soil which is rich in humus. They love cool soils in a spot with adequate sun, while dappled shade will be tolerated too. Once again, mulch may be a good addition to the soil to keep the temperatures around the plant’s roots even and constant, favouring coolness. They sit most comfortably around 10 - 15 CM under the soil, with a generous helping of compost. Allow a new plant some time to settle in, only remove offsets after several years.

With Hadeco’s bulbs, guidance, and accessories you can enjoy year-round vibrancy in the garden. Find your favourite:

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