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Louisiana Iris - Sinfonietta - 2 plants p-pack

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This 2-pack of Louisiana iris - Sinfonietta will bring bright blue brilliance to your garden. These plants boast glowing green foliage that will up the lush factor in your space. Enjoy their vivid colour during Spring.  

Family: Iridaceae
Botanical Name: Louisiana irises
Common Name(s): Water iris, bog iris
Description: Louisiana irises grow throughout South Africa, and grow well in especially boggy areas. They like to stand in water and can be grown in flower beds with a good mulch and plenty of water to keep their roots moist. The preparation of the planting area should be to a depth of 300mm. Their rhizomes should be planted shallowly, with the top just barely visible above soil. Plant them in autumn, spring and summer, in a full sun position.

Not for consumption - can be harmful if eaten by humans or animals – exercise caution around children and pets.