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Tulips - Lee van de Mark - Single - 10 bulbs p-pack

by Hadeco
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What is a pre-order?

Pre-orders allow you to purchase your bulbs before they are available for delivery. We send out all our bulbs at their correct planting time.

Tulips offer terrific flowers with cup-shaped blooms. Lee can de Mark brings garden joy with its red blooms that are adorned with white bands around the edges. Enjoy them in your home as cut flowers.
Family nameLilaceae
Common name: tulip
Sun Exposure: Semi-shade
Planting time: June (cold-treated tulips)
Flowering timeAugust to September 
Active growth time: June to July
Dormancy time: November 
Type (true bulb, rhizome, corm, etc): True bulb
Mature height: 30cm
Planting depth: 5cm
Planting spacing: 8cm
Lowest temperature: -5°C
Watering frequency: Water every three to four days for 10 minutes, provided it hasn't rained.
Position and soil: Plant in well-draining soil in a lightly shaded spot. You may also plant in containers. Mulch with compost or annuals for extended colour in the garden.