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Pokon - Green Plants Fertiliser - 1 kg

by Hadeco
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Pokon Green Plants Fertiliser Granules

Feel the power of plants. Even just a little bit of green can make a difference. It will make you feel healthier and happier. Pokon has been providing a helping hand since 1929.
Be aware of the greenery around you. Live with the season and enjoy the here and now.

Product Information:

This organic Green Plant fertiliser feeds the plant and improves the soil. Enriched with naturally- occurring minerals  (zeolite) and organic matter (algae). This mineral-enriched organic fertiliser contains a great deal of plant food and increases your plants' resistance. The high content of nitrogen and the addition of extra magnesium oxide (MgO) give the leaf a full green colour.

Instructions for use:

  1. Measure out the right amount of fertiliser.
  2. Plants in the garden require some 20-25g of fertilizer per dose. Young plants and pot plants can suffice with 10-15 g per plant.  You can determine the correct dose using the measuring spoon enclosed.
  3. Spread the granules evenly around the base of the plant
  4. Rake the granules through the topsoil
  5. Water the soil to activate the fertiliser immediately.

Store in a dry and dark place, out of reach of children and pets.
Do not use in direct sunlight (above 25°C) to avoid burning.