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How to use the loyalty program

How to use the loyalty program

The loyalty program is a great way to be rewarded for your previous online purchases with Hadeco. 

If you’ve bought with us before then great news, you’re already signed up with the loyalty program and can start earning some points! 

If you’re new to the online store then it's an easy registration process. 

Click on the widget in the bottom left corner of the website: 

You’ll open up a pop-up with all the information you need about the value on points, ways to earn and an option to register or login. 

New users will need to register. This will redirect you to the “My Account” page. Here you can add your email address and new password under the register section. 

After registering successfully, the Hadeco rewards pop-up will open asking you to fill in your date of birth. Fun fact, you get extra loyalty points on your birthday! 

Once complete you can view current offers, review ways to earn points, refer friends, view the redemption catalog and of course redeem your points. 

How do I redeem my loyalty points?

Navigate to the “redeem points” section of the widget. Fill in the amount of points you’d like to redeem and click redeem. 

You’ll be asked to accept a redemption confirmation. This states that if you change your mind 

you can cancel the redemption in the history tab of the widget.

By clicking on the green redemption code the website will automatically apply the coupon to your order. 

Please note: You will need items in your cart before you can redeem any points as the reward program will only allow you to redeem points up to 30% of the value of your order. 

Example: If you have R1000 worth of products in your cart, you’ll only be able to redeem 300 of your loyalty points. 

What if I don't use my coupon code? 

All coupon codes are valid for 24 hours. If they are not redeemed within that time they will be canceled and the points returned to the user to create a new coupon code. 

I’ve placed my order but my points are reflecting

Points are allocated once an order is marked complete. If you have placed a pre-order you will receive your points as soon as your order has been finalized and sent out at the correct planting times. 

Example: If you have ordered Zantedeschia and dahlia, you will receive 2 orders. The Zantedeschia will be sent out in September and then the dahlia will be sent out in October. Once your dahlia has been shipped, the order will be marked as complete and your points will be added to your account. 

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