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Cut Flower Care

Not that you needed reminding, but it’s Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February, and as with every year the price of cut flowers, especially those lovely long stemmed roses, soar. It’s only logical that you are going to want to enjoy them for as long as possible in the month of February. With just a little extra care you can keep your flowers fragrant and looking their best for up to 2 weeks. Start by thoroughly cleaning your vase. Next add a cut flower food, like Chrysal, into the water. It not only inhibits bacteria, but it supplies your flowers with valuable nutrients. You will find Chrysal (in liquid or granular form) at any good florist. There are many theories on getting the most out of an arrangement, unfortunately many are ineffectual, while others actually do more damage than good. Chrysal has been thoroughly tested and works the best. Before placing your flowers into Chrysal Solution, re-cut the stems with a sharp knife. Make the incision at a 45° angle and as clean as possible. If you just cut the stem flat, the ends will rest at the bottom of the vase making water uptake more difficult.

Useful Hints

  • Remove the bottom leaves up to the vase brim
  • Leave thorns as this will reduce the number of wounds where bacteria can attack
  • Cut stems with a sharp knife, not scissors – scissors crush the stem while they cut
  • Once cut, place in water immediately
  • Use lukewarm water
  • If using Chrysal, don’t change the water, just top up with more solution.