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Summer Chicken Garden

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Summer Chicken Garden Variety: White Clover, Buckwheat, Lucerne Aurora

This mix is to be grown so that free range and urban chickens can have their own fresh organic greens to graze. This is not a full feed diet and should not supplement their diets. Eating fresh greens is the most natural diet chickens can have.

Growing Tips:

To sow: broadcast seed in well prepared beds rich in organic matter. Cover seeds with a layer of soil and water regularly. When the seeds germinate, allow then to grow 7-10cm before allowing chickens to graze. Buckwheat seeds is large and triangular and takes longer to germinate that clover & alfalfa, therefore should be sown separately to avoid chicks from eating the seed while grazing on greens. Chickens like to forage on greens that are 7-10cm tall. Sow more seeds in a separate patch for succession cropping.

Edible parts of the plant: