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7 Effective ways to display air plants in the home

7 Effective ways to display air plants in the home

Easy to care for and gorgeous to look at, air plants are a trendy way to bring a pop of greenery into the home with minimal effort. The little growers are known as epiphytes, meaning they do not need a specific type of soil to grow – or any soil for that matter! As their name suggests, air plants can grow happily in the air, suspended above kitchen countertops or propped up on a bathroom shelf. (Explore our range online.) Here are seven great ways to display these beauties in your home.

1. Create a tabletop terrarium

You can make an effective air plant display by popping a few in a planter or glass container and filling up the surrounding space with decorative and complementary elements, like pebbles, moss, bark, and sand. You can even customise your terrarium with seashells and sentimental trinkets, like figurines. We like the Tillandsia fuchsii for this sort of display, but you can use any variety that tickles your fancy.

2. Suspend them in glass capsules

To achieve a chic, modern look, consider placing your plants in glass capsules suspended from the ceiling. A teardrop or sphere-shaped capsule can look so elegant with foliage inside. Uniquely shaped pieces can help you create a stand-out display. If you opt for large capsules, we recommend choosing varieties such as Tillandsia xerographica and Tillandsia brachycaulos multiflora.

3. Make a living chandelier

Now, this is a fun one! If you have a sunroom chandelier or a ceiling structure on your veranda, you can hang your favourite air plants from it to create a living chandelier. We recommend exploring elongated varieties like Tillandsia juncea for displays like this.

4. Prop them up on decorative stands

Epiphytes naturally live in treetops. So, why not imitate the living conditions they are accustomed to? Try perching larger plants such as Tillandsia capitata peach and Tillandsia pseudobaileyi on decorative tabletop bases and oversized candlesticks for a statement living room display.

5. Set up a vertical wall

A perfect garden solution for those in apartments and small flats – the vertical garden lends itself nicely to air plants of all shapes and sizes. If you dabble in vertical gardening, give your pallet planter an instant refresh by adding an assortment of Tillandsia harrisii plants. You’ll be thrilled with the effect – not to mention the convenience of its upkeep!

6. Get imaginative with natural containers

Got a love for nature? If so, try placing small individual plants (Tillandsia ionantha rubra, for example) in natural vessels, like sea urchins and seashells, and scatter them on a surface. You’re bound to love the look, and what’s great about this option is you can be as creative as you want. The vessel is your oyster – literally.

7. Incorporate them in wall and table art

For those with modern art and sculptures at home, consider adding air plant varieties in and around them to increase their appeal. Geometric décor pieces, for example, can be elevated by the introduction of a single air plant, like the Tillandsia magnusiana.

Ready to put your green fingers to work?

If this article has inspired you to spruce up your home with the trendy air plant treasures, visit our online store to place an order. For more information about our selection, get in touch with us.

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