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Fabulous Freesias: A symbol of friendship

The symbol of friendship, sweetness and trust, Freesias were discovered by Christian P Ecklon, who named them after his friend, the German botanist Friedrich Freese. Appealing to both the nose and eyes, this bloom is a much-loved South African native. The gorgeous funnel-shaped flowers are a striking sight to behold, their sweet scent tickling the senses. A classic fragrance, it is often found infused in our favourite perfumes, soaps, and scented candles.   A perennial flowering bulb, the Freesia is a genus of 14 to 16 native South African species in the family Iridaceae. The majority of the species, twelve dozen, are found in the Cape Provinces. The bright colour options make these plants a beautiful addition to any garden or container. They are also a popular choice for cut flowers, their fragrant scent filling the room. freesias

Encourage your Freesias to bloom

Freesias are thought of as winter bulbs. They remain dormant during the hot, dry Cape summers, preferring the cooler weather and rains of autumn and winter. The bulbs are nurtured through the colder months and awaken in spring to provide a colourful display of beautifully fragrant blooms. The best time to plant your Freesias is from mid-April to May. This will ensure and stunning exhibition of blossoms from August to September. While culture and hardiness are species-specific, most Freesias should be planted in well-draining, slightly acidic soil that is rich in organic matter. Do not water your Freesias excessively. Rather let the soil dry for a few days between watering. When planting your Freesias, select an area that is sunny to partly sunny and consider planting a mass of bulbs together for high visual impact. When planted at intervals, the bulbs will flower in succession, keeping your beds in bloom.  

Stock up on Freesia bulbs

It’s impossible to go wrong adding Freesias to your garden. Gorgeous bold colours and deliciously fragrant, your beds will sing with beauty. The bulbs also flourish in containers, providing a wonderful option for patios and balconies, as well as indoor house plants. Freesias are ideal cut flowers, snip off a few blooms and place in vases around the house. Keep the spirit of friendship alive and gift a few cuttings to your friends and family. freesias Let the sweet fragrance of Freesias enliven your flower beds. Hadeco stocks a selection of Freesia bulbs. Choose between white, yellow, pink, lilac, and red with a yellow centre. Or, select a mixed pack and relish in a glorious assortment of colour. Buy your bulbs here.
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