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A Guide to Twelve days of Pokon 

A Guide to Twelve days of Pokon 

Put your Pokon face on! We’re covering some ground for you with all the vital details about their range of products and fertilisers that can ensure your plants, trees and lawn grow successfully.

About Pokon

Pokon is one of the oldest plant fertiliser brands in the world. Started in Holland, the trusted brand has been pampering plants and lawns since 1929. 

They develop products in co-operation with Wageningen University, the leading institute in the world of horticulture. Thus, rooting their place as a leading supplier of quality plant fertilisers. 

The Benefits of Pokon 

Using the Pokon range ensures that you reap the full joy of having lawn, trees and plants! It provides them with the essential nutrients they need to grow to their full potential. 

Indoor plants are not in their natural environment, which is why you need to take extra care of them! By feeding your indoor plant babies with the Pokon range, you stimulate strong growth and in flowering varieties, luscious blooms.

When it comes to your herbs, outdoor plants and lawn, there’s a Pokon product to set them up for success too. Think abundant flowering, intense colour and the tastiest herbs, fruits and vegetables to enjoy after using Pokon's quality range of products!

Pokon Plant Care

At Hadeco there are seven varieties of Pokon Plant Food products: Universal Liquid, Organic Biofood, Geranium, Bonsai, Cactus and Succulent, Orchid and Flowering. Each provides the plant with the perks of healthy soil, foliage and flowers.

The ingredients of each are a scientific solution that has been developed for the specific requirements of the plant. All that is needed is to add 5-10 ml of fertiliser per liter of water, once a week. Depending on your plant, the amount of fertiliser and months that you should feed them will differ. Cacti go into a resting period from June through to August and do not require any feeding during that time. Bonsais on the other hand, should be given food between the months of August to May.

When you purchase your Pokon product the packaging will provide you with further instructions for optimal care for your plants, trees and lawn. 

Pokon Fertiliser

There are eight Pokon Fertilisers available on Three of which are Bio fertilisers for your herbs, fruits and vegetables and are organic, so you can be sure your home-grown harvest is safe to eat. The other five are specially formulated for Box Trees and Hedges, Conifer and Yew, Green Plants, Hydrangea and Roses!

Each fertiliser feeds the plant and the soil, increasing your plant's resistance and ensuring it thrives. It must be spread around the base of the plant, thereafter you must rake it over the top soil and activate it with a thorough watering. 

With Pokon Fertiliser, time and lots of love and care, you’ll be wooed by the vigour of your plants.

Pokon Lawn Seed

Ensuring your grass is greener has never been easier, with three Pokon options to choose from: Pokon Lawn Seed Play, Shade or Recovery!

Working on a new garden and need to lay down some long-lasting lawn? Look no further than Pokon Lawn Seed Play. The grass seed is coated for optimum germination and has unique self-recovery capabilities, it creates horizontal shoots with the use of RPR technology. The result is a highly durable and tough lawn. Pokon Lawn Seed Play requires significantly less water than traditional blends after the grass has taken root. RPR is used by professional landscapers in sowing football pitches for example and has a high treading tolerance. The germination can take time, first the roots will develop and then the grass will grow.  Make sure to water every day during the first few weeks.

Pokon Lawn Seed Recovery is your quick fix to restoring bare patches in your lawn and will have it looking lush and green in a wink. The grass seed germinates within 1 week even at low soil temperatures. Make sure to keep the soil moist every day during the first few weeks. Recovery seed can also be used to sow your lawn and requires significantly less water than traditional blends after the grass has taken root.

Last, but most certainly not least, is the Pokon Lawn Seed Shade. This variety is ideal for sowing or restoring shaded lawns. The grass seed has been coated for optimum germination and can be used for Winter recovery or for the restoration of bare patches. The grass will grow back quickly, creating a lush green lawn. An added benefit is that the strong blend ensures the grass has a high treading tolerance. So that, even in the shade, it will feel like walking on sunshine! 

Pokon Potting Soil

The RHP (regulations for trade in potting mixtures) quality mark guarantees the quality of product throughout the chain. From the extraction of raw materials to processing and supply to the customer. Cultivation media and ingredients with the RHP quality mark meet the specified chemical and physical criteria, contain minimal weeds and are free from organisms that are harmful to plants. Pokon Potting soil meets this requirement!

You have three brilliant options available at Hadeco for growing happy plants in: Coco Growing Medium, Orchid Growing Medium and Pokon Potting Soil. 

Coco Growing Medium can be used indoors or outdoors, but preferably in pots. Thanks to the coconut fibres, your plants will require watering less often than in a standard growing medium. It also ensures a well-aerated and porous soil structure, so that roots can develop quickly.

The Orchid Growing Medium is a bark-based substrate that has an open and airy structure and allows water to drain off very efficiently. Orchids need a lot of air around their roots, so this is perfectly constructed for its optimal development. 

Pokon Potting Soil is a trusted growing medium to guarantee happy plants. It’s a mix of excellent raw materials such as peat litter, garden peat, lime and wood fibre, that have excellent water retention properties and enable your plants to extract nutrients from it more easily. 

Pokon Clay Pellets

Clay pellets are suitable as a drainage layer in pot plants, so the roots of your plant don’t stay submerged. The roots stay firmly in place allowing your plants to develop optimally. It can also be used for hydroculture and decoratively, for example as a top layer in flower pots. Mulching this way prevents the potting soil from drying out quickly, so you will need to water your plant less often. There are just so many reasons to love Pokon’s Clay Pellets. 

Your plants and lawn deserve to be pampered with Pokon’s trusted range. Learn more and shop your favourite Pokon products here.

12 days of Pokon

Christmas is coming early, with the 12 days of Pokon giveaway. 12 days, 12 winners, each receiving a Pokon hamper to the value of over R1500 each.

All that entrants need to do is like, comment and share each day's post and they stand a chance to win 1 of the 12 prizes overflowing with Pokon goodies.

T's and C's apply. Winners will be announced 23 December 2022 and prizes will be delivered in the New Year.


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