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Afro-chic: An upcoming trend in garden style.

Afro-chic: An upcoming trend in garden style.

With Africa right on your doorstep, invite it in – and make it work in your garden décor scheme.

What do you think of when you consider African design? The use of opulent fabrics in an array of textures? Vibrant bead-work and basketry in geometric designs and vivid hues? Or handmade clay pottery in energetic colours, and traditional artwork? Hadeco is extremely excited about this growing trend and we are here to help you get ahead of the curve.

Modern Afro-inspired style has seen a recent explosion across the globe. AfroChic has become accepted worldwide as a way to create a vibrant tapestry. Incorporating this new style as well as indigenous plants will create a lovely African inspired vision in your garden. In South Africa we have an abundance of plant material like fynbos, veld grasses and our wonderful winter bulbs which offer low-maintenance gardening for all. Take it indoors too - try to incorporate indoor plants with beautiful Capi pots to bring colour into your indoor spaces.

What better way to reconnect with our roots?

You can encourage harmony in your space by working with the colours of our environment. Utilies the rich palette of earthy colours and natural (or shweshwe) materials. You’ll be surprised at how much is making its way into items that are now being readily sold in garden centres and online. AfroChic takes regal, bold, colourful elements and uses them to adorn various aspecst of life – with an edgier twist. Rooted in tradition, there is now a more modern take on what has become available. Hadeco has seen bright and bold fabrics being used to create ‘hanging baskets’ with a difference. These hanging baskets are perfect to fill up with plants and hang on an exterior wall. Mix several different patterns to create a casual, eclectic look including broad stripes, oversized paisleys and even a trendy dip-dyed print.

Whether you decide to get involved in a bit of rewilding by planting indigenous or if you go in search of a more African colour palette and textural pleasures, be proudly South African!

As we all know – LOCAL IS LEKKER.

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