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Amarine - Assorted Pink - 3 bulbs p-pack

by Hadeco
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Amarine is a delightful hybrid, taking the best of Nerine bowdenii and Amaryllis belladonna. The gorgeous pink  blooms provide a joyful backdrop to the summer gardenscape.


Family: Amaryllidaceae
Sun exposure: Full sun / semi-shade
Planting time: September – October
Flowering time: Feb - May
Active growth: October – February
Dormant: June – August
Lifting time: June
Type: True bulb
Mature height: 60cm
Planting depth: Plant with the neck at the surface of the soil
Plant spacing: 10-15cm apart
Watering: Every 3-4 days when planted in the ground for 10 minutes

Position and soil
Loosen the soil before planting and add compost. Amarine grows best in well-draining composted and friable soil. They can also be grown in pots.

Further Care
Guard them against pests such as lily borer caterpillars, mealybugs, snails and slugs.