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Christmas wish list: Our gardening kit stocking-fillers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, a time to spread love and Christmas cheer. And what better way to do that than with personalised gardening kits to suit each member of the family? Give your sister who has a green thumb some bulbs to plant. Indulge your bookworm cousin with his next favourite horticultural read. Perhaps you’d like to gift your little niece her very own GrowHomeBucket® so she can try her hand at growing potatoes. And maybe you’d like to give your dad some vegetable seeds so he can finally grow the veggie garden of his dreams. However your loved ones like to spend time in their gardens, find a gift that they’ll love in our Christmas wish list top ten. And don’t forget to add your favourites to your own Christmas wish list too!

christmas wish list

Our Christmas wish list top 10 

#1 The Bulb Book

Comprehensive and easy to understand, The Bulb Book by Charles Barnhoorn is an inspiring read for South African gardeners, and covers all aspects of selecting and planting bulbs, as well as bulb and soil care. Barnhoorn also includes tips for bulb watering and feeding, garden design, flower display and flower care. If your loved one enjoys a good book, then why not gift them this one? 

#2 Amaryllis bulbs

The Amaryllis, or Christmas Flower, comes in a vast array of sizes and colours. Some of these colours include white, soft rose, pink, magenta, salmon, orange, red, mahogany, red and white striped. Double or single-stemmed, Amaryllises are among the easiest, fastest and most spectacular of all plants to grow, producing huge blooms in less than five weeks from planting. Explore different Amaryllis varieties and colours in our seasonal range, and pick out the ones that your family members will love, like Alfresco, Christmas Star, Top Choice, and Blushing Bride

christmas wish list

#3 Capi-Europe Pots

Eco-friendly, durable, and stylish, Capi-Europe pots are ideal for displaying indoor and outdoor  plants of all shapes and sizes. Our diverse range of Capi-Europe pots ensures there is a pot for everyone – no matter what your loved one’s unique taste it, you’re bound to find a pot they’ll love. 

#4 Bearded Iris bulbs

Bearded Irises are evergreen perennials, with blooms showcasing all the colours of the rainbow – hence their nickname, Rainbow Flower. (Interestingly, ‘Iris’ is also the name for the Greek Goddess of the rainbow.) For gifting inspiration, take a look at these gorgeous varieties: Cracken, Night Magic and Glacier Spoon.

#5 Vegetable seeds

From lettuce and carrots to pumpkins and tomatoes, the vegetables you can plant in your veggie garden seem endless. If your loved one is a veggie-garden enthusiast, place an order for some vegetable seeds and add it to their Christmas gift.  

#6 Pokon Granules

Pokon Small Fruits Fertiliser and Vegetable Garden Fertiliser are specially-formulated to encourage healthy plant growth, and stimulate bountiful yields of fruits and vegetables. A pack of granules or two would be a nice addition to gardening-kit Christmas gifts, especially if the recipients are familiar with growing edible plants.

christmas wish list

#7 Pokon Universal Liquid Plant Food

For some, houseplants are like pets. And why not? They need love and attention too! If your special someone adores indoor plants, then Pokon Universal Plant Food would be a fitting gift. It contains everything houseplants need to stay healthy and beautiful, stimulating strong growth and luscious flowers all season long.

#8 Pokon Potting Soil 5L

Every beginner gardener needs a quality growing substrate to get started. If someone in your family is showing an interest in gardening, gift them some Pokon Potting Soil. This excellent mix of raw materials stimulates healthy plant development, and contains top-quality raw materials for water-retention, including peat litter, garden peat, lime and wood fibre. 

#9 Galvanised Garden Trowel

The king of gardening tools, the Galvanized Garden Trowel makes an excellent stocking filler. It’s ideal for digging and turning up soil, and with its durable design, will last for many years to come. 

#10 GrowHomeBucket

Easy to use and super-efficient, the GrowHomeBucket® is perfect for growing potatoes, tomatoes, chilli peppers, herbs, salad, carrots, and other roots. The GrowHomeBucket is fun for everyone – adults and children alike, so why not gift it to the kiddies in your family this Christmas?

christmas wish list

Is your Christmas wish list ready for Santa’s postbox? 

It’s almost Christmas time, so we can't help but grow the suspense with our exciting Christmas wish list! If there’s something, in particular, you are looking for to add to your Christmas wish list, or special someone’s gardening gift, get in touch with us and we’ll help you source it.

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