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January Garden Checklist

January Garden Checklist

Summer is in full swing bringing not just scorching temperatures but also a fresh year bursting into bloom. It's like Mother Nature decided to throw a garden party and invited everyone and their pollen-loving pals.

Behold, the January Garden Checklist! Let's kick off the year by ticking off some gardening tasks that will keep you, the bees, and the blooms doing the cha-cha in your garden.

Mulch: The Garden's Magic Carpet 

In the enchanted world of gardening, mulching is like laying down a magic carpet for your plants. In January, it's not just about looking cool – it's about staying cool. Mulch keeps the soil from turning into a hot yoga session for your plants. During heat waves mulching will add a layer of protection.


Watering: It's the Plant's Happy Hour 

Whether you tend to your garden with a watering can, hose, or have a sophisticated irrigation system it is important to keep up your watering schedule. Plants, like your thirsty neighbour, need regular sips to stay alive and kicking. Potted plants should be watered every two to three days and those growing in the ground should be watered every three to four days. Watering may need to increase during heat waves especially if you haven’t mulched. 

Weeding: Uninvited Guests 

Watering makes everything grow, including those party crashers called weeds. Keep them in check so your garden looks like a VIP section instead of a wild, weedy rave.

Pest Control: Snails and Fruit Fly 

Watch out for snails trying to crash your garden party—lay down some eco-friendly snail bait, the bouncer for your plants. Head to your local garden centre or nursery to select the best pest control to protect your fruity treats from fruit flies because no one likes uninvited guests in their salad.

Deadheading: Giving Flowers a Second Act 

Give your hydrangea a second lease on life by preserving them as dried florals for pretty autumnal arrangements.

Pruning: Haircuts for Your Plants 

Grab those gardening shears and give your dahlia, lavender and roses a summer trim. It's like a spa day for your plants, and they will thank you with more fabulous blooms. Plus those beautiful rose petals and lavender trimmings don’t need to go to waste. Give them a new purpose and make your own potpourri. 

Remove Spent Annuals: Out with the Old 

Just like cleaning up after a great party, remove any spent annuals to make room for new guests who will bring fresh colour to the summer and autumn soirée.

Feeding: Plant Buffet Time 

All plants love a good feast, so make sure to feed them regularly, for a healthy and blooming display.

What to Plant: The Casting Call 

Fill those garden gaps with summer and autumn flowering beauties. Whether it's amaryllis bulbs, summer and autumn annuals from the local nursery, or sowing fresh seedlings, let your garden be the Broadway of blossoms. As for veggies, it’s best not to sow all the seeds at once. Rather do so at 14 day intervals for a continuous harvest. Herbs? Fresh and fragrant seedlings are the way to go. 

So, let the 2024 garden games begin! May the rest of your summer be as vibrant as a flower in full bloom and your garden dance floor always buzzing. Happy gardening!


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