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Landscape design: which style is right for you?

Landscape design is an art, and a science. The most effective garden designs have been carefully thought out, and have taken into consideration the regularity of the surface and climatic conditions of the area. Are you designing a garden? If you’re in the planning phase, not only is it important to choose a style that fits the lay of the land, but also one that suits your specific home and lifestyle. Let's take a look at four of the most popular landscape designs so you can choose which is right for you. 

landscape design

Our 5 favourite landscape design styles 

1. English garden

An English garden landscape design is a careful layout of shrubs and perennials, like rose bushes of various kinds, that create a tidy, yet less-structured appearance. This landscape style is usually planned according to the architecture of a home, complementing and accentuating its shape. If you choose the English garden style, consider buying some dahlia bulbs. The dainty flowers will work well with roses. And you might want to add in a birdbath or arbour to finish off the look.

2. Eastern-inspired

An Eastern-inspired garden is all about rocks, water and evergreens. These landscapes generally offer distinctive and unique perspectives, transforming an outdoor space into a peaceful escape, or mindful retreat. Like the sound of this? If you choose this garden style, you might want to set aside a small area of your outdoor area for a traditional Japanese Zen Garden. And your garden would be the perfect place for a few bonsai trees too. Learn how to care for your bonsai trees

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3. Woodland landscape 

If you desire a low-maintenance garden with a less manicured appearance, the woodland landscape style would be a perfect choice. Wild in its beauty, the woodland landscape appears untouched and takes on the look of a natural forest. If you’re keen on this style, consider working with an indigenous landscaper. You can get tips on achieving a natural look with local plant varieties, like the bright orange Clivia (bush lily) and sunshine-yellow bulbine

4. Formal landscape

Have you ever seen a topiary design? If you have an eye for structure and detail, trust us, you wouldn’t miss a formal landscape style! The lines and symmetry of these gardens reflect sophistication like none other, and are all styled with well-pruned shrubs and excellently manicured lawns. Order lawn seed here for your formal landscape.

landscape design

5. Xeriscape

Live in an area that’s susceptible to drought, but still want to enjoy a beautiful garden? Then xeriscaping (dry landscaping) would be the way to go! You can have a garden, and conserve water at the same time. Just be sure to pick indigenous plants that naturally thrive in your area and climate. And add in a few water-conserving plants like succulents and cactuses. Desert plants can look quite aesthetic when placed among rockery and gravel. Learn how to grow healthy succulents

Which landscape design style tickles your fancy?

Each style of landscape design creates a beautiful setting, but in vastly different ways. Before you get going with your landscaping, consider which plants and shrubs you will use. If you have indigenous preferences, will your choice of garden style work for you? And does the climate of your area support your plant choice? Once you have worked out the practicalities and settled on a landscape design style, all that’s left to do is order your plants and flower bulbs. And luckily, we’ve got a great selection of bulbs for you to choose from. Explore our range

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