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Our garden tool shed essentials: Get kitted out

Do you have a garden tool shed in your backyard? If so, we bet there’s someone in the family with a passion for all things green and growing. Perhaps it’s your father or husband? If so, read through this blog to get the low-down on essentials every keen gardener should keep in their tool shed. You can also give the ones you haven’t come by at home as gifts this Father’s Month. Our quality tools are provided by Talen – a family-owned, eco-friendly business in The Netherlands (explore our selection).

6 items every garden tool shed needs:

1. Gardening shears

Deadheading spent flowers can be as easy as pulling them off the stem with your hands. But cutting through branches that are more than 5cm thick is a whole other ballgame. Typically, one uses a pair of Secateurs or gardening shears for such purposes. Having a professional pair on hand makes trimming back trees and pruning perennials a much easier job. What’s more, the clean-slice effect they create through stems and branches can actually boost plant growth. The Secateurs we have in stock sport an anvil design – with a blade on one side and ‘chopping board’ on the other for removing unwanted plant elements. (If you get a pair for dad or your hubby this Father’s Day, trust us, he’ll love them.) 

2. Shovel

What’s a garden tool shed without a shovel? This go-to piece of equipment is ideally suited to the gardening process, with run-of-the-mill varieties typically used for digging holes, loosening soil, and moving soil. The more specialised gardening shovels, however, with concave blades and flat edges, have a different purpose entirely. Their design lends them to lawn work, particularly for edging, cutting through grass turf, and marking off trenches.

3. Leaf rake

We know that keeping a lawn leaf-free is no easy task. However, it sure is a lot more doable if you have a well-made Leaf Rake on standby. Leaf rakes have plastic teeth for easy sweeping and minimal grass disruption. Our Leaf Rake has bent tines for grabbing leaves, making the lawn maintenance process that much quicker (and less tedious!). 

4. Garden rake

A handy tool to use when the seasons change – the Galvanized Garden Rake is perfect for tilling soil, levelling soil, and getting flower beds ready for bulbs. (Learn how to prep your garden for winter here.) The lucky guy who gets this rake on Father’s Day will be bound to love it (you know how men are with their toys!). 

5. Gardening trowel

When planting seasonal bulbs, dig holes with your hands if you must, but using a Gardening Trowel for the job is the far better choice. The trowel, or mini planting spade, is specially designed for digging small holes – ideal for prepping your winter garden. So, if there isn’t one in your garden tool shed already, save your dad or hubby the trouble of shovelling dirt with his hands and give him one this Father’s Day.

6. Gardening gloves

Before one gets any gardening done, one should slip on a pair of heavy-duty gardening gloves. Why? Because gardening gloves protect your hands from sharp twigs and thorns, and shield them from poisonous insects and irritating plant pollens and juices. They also keep your hands clean – especially your fingernails, which can be a pain to keep in good condition when you spend a lot of time pulling weeds and shovelling dirt.

Kit him out with garden tool shed essentials 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Father’s Day, look no further than the garden tool shed in your backyard. If you notice one of the tools listed here is missing, find it on our online store and place an order. 

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