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Summer lawn care tips for gorgeous greenery

Is your lawn looking a bit green around the gills (and not in a good way?) If so, give it some extra TLC this season. We’ve got the products and lawn care tips you need for a vibrant and verdant field that will set the scene for your summer of outdoor fun!

Lawn care all summer long

lawn care

Lawn care for the start of summer

Fertilise and treat 

First and foremost, you need to fertilise your lawn. You might want to hire a company to help you do it if your lawn is expansive. Early summer is also the right time to treat your lawn for pests (like grubs and caterpillars) and weeds. So, remember to spray your lawn in December, if necessary, in areas where weeds and pests are prevalent to prevent them from spreading to ‘healthy’ areas of lawn.


It’s important to mow your lawn ‘high’ early on in summer so the roots grow deep into the soil, distributing moisture evenly. The more you mow in the weeks of December, the more your lawn will retain moisture, so reducing its need for frequent watering. Also, be sure to leave the grass clippings on your lawn, as they will break down and feed the grass. 

lawn care


Last, but not least, make sure you water your lawn sufficiently in early summer to support healthy root growth. We recommend you water your lawn when it’s cooler (before 10:00 AM), to minimise evaporation. And to save water, consider using greywater from your home to water your lawn in the summer months.  

Mid-season lawn care

lawn care

Fertilise again and keep up the mowing and watering

Apply with lawn feeder again, if necessary. Keep up your ‘high’ mowing, but be sure to check the condition of your mowing blades. If they have become dull, it’s important to replace them, as dull blades can harm the grass and hinder its growth. Try to avoid mowing on the hotter days, as grass growth is generally slower in hotter weather. Also, don’t forget to water your lawn regularly – it should receive about one inch of water per week. 

Lawn care for the end of summer

lawn care

Watch out for drought

At this stage of summer, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your lawn for any signs of drought. Common signs include grass wilting and darkening in colour, and footprint marks showing on the grass after walking on it. If your lawn is in drought, avoid walking on it, and continue to water it deeply and frequently.

Pokon Lawn Seed

At Hadeco, we stock a wide range of lawn seed for different conditions and garden aesthetics. If you’re planting some new grass, consider the different seed mixes we have available and choose the one that suits your specific needs. As its name suggests, Pokon Lawn Seed Play is suitable for high foot traffic, as it has self-restoring capabilities. It’s a great choice for sowing a new lawn, and works well in family gardens. For gardens that have a lot of foliage and trees, Pokon Lawn Seed Shade would be a preferable option, as it grows well in shaded areas. If you need to fill a bare patch in your lawn, we recommend Pokon Lawn Seed Recovery –  a special mix of seed that germinates quickly (within one week of sowing). Read more about our different lawn seeds

lawn care

Is lawn care a priority for you this summer?

Our lawn care tips will help you keep your grass in good condition this summer. But if you need to purchase some additional lawn seed, to fill bare patches or start a lawn over from scratch, take a look at the quality lawn seed we have on offer.

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