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The modern garden: Gardening trends for 2020

Hello, 2020! We’ve been expecting your call. And now it’s time to stop talking the talk of 2020 gardening trends, and actually, walk the walk! Homeowners around the world are shifting their focus away from low-maintenance garden designs and focal-point oriented garden structures, and looking towards sustainable outdoor aesthetics and the encouragement of biodiversity. Are you ready to walk the walk in 2020 and create your own modern garden?

modern garden

2020 trends for the modern garden:

1. Vertical gardening

Finding space-efficient ways to introduce greenery into outdoor spaces is all the rage this year. People renting apartments and condos have inspired this modern garden look, using walls and windows to display their plants and flowers. If you’re keen to make your own vertical garden using a few basic tools and materials, get DIY tips below: 

modern garden

Create your own vertical garden

Step 1: Get supplies

To make your DIY vertical garden, you’ll need the following items: a wooden pallet with a back, a staple gun, a hammer and nails, landscaping paper, planting soil, and plants. Got them? Good.

Step 2: Prepare the pallet

Sand down your pallet, and staple the landscaping paper (doubled up) to the back, sides and bottom of the pallet. 

Step 3: Fill the pallet with soil

Lay your pallet flat on the ground and fill it with soil. Make sure you press the soil in firmly, ensuring there is still enough space for the plants.

Step 4: Get planting

Starting at the bottom, begin planting your chosen plants, securing each one properly before moving up to the next layer. 

Step 5: Let it rest

Water your plants thoroughly, and leave the pallet lying as it is (on its side) for two weeks so the plants can take root. 

Step 6: Stand it upright

Your vertical garden is ready for display! Prop it up and enjoy your new green focal point.

modern garden

2. Supersized houseplants

Houseplants are trending once again, but in 2020, they are even bigger and better. Oversized ‘statement piece’ pot plants with big, branching leaves, like the Snake Plant, ZZ Plant and Parlor Palm are taking over homes countrywide. So, if you fancy yourself a trendy homeowner, consider bringing your modern garden inside with a show-stopper of a pot plant (or two).

modern garden

3. Composting

2020 has sprung a new wave of sustainability trends, one of which is the home-kept compost heap. Compost heaps are gaining traction worldwide because of many reasons. Not only do they reduce a household’s carbon footprint, but they are easy to maintain and work in both large and small garden spaces. Not to mention provide you with an endless supply of free fertiliser for your plants! 

modern garden

4. Repurposing garden accessories

Down with consumerism, up with repurposing of garden materials! 2020 has brought with it a resurgence of the DIY trend. Gardeners are choosing to use old gardening accessories in new projects, creating something useful out of them. These are some of our favourite garden accessory repurposing ideas: 

  • Turning a cracked birdbath into a flower planter display.
  • Planting seeds and shoots in old plastic nursery pots.
  • Repurposing old shovels as bird feeders.
  • Converting an old wheelbarrow into a garden bench. 
modern garden

5. Encouraging wildlife

Living in harmony with nature is another trend for 2020, and this means more people are choosing to plan their gardens around the wildlife that inhabits it, like birds, bees and butterflies. If you’re keen to get in on this trend, encourage biodiversity in your backyard by laying out bird feeders and planting insect-attracting plants and flowers.

modern garden

Do you have a modern garden?

Create your modern garden with these 2020 trends, and enjoy an outdoor space that everyone will love – that’s you, the birds and the bees! If you’d like to stock up on gardening supplies for your 2020 garden, head over to our online store to browse our selection.

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