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Tulip: A winter joy in South Africa

Tulip: A winter joy in South Africa

“Forcing” is the term used to describe the way a tulip is manipulated into flowering in winter despite being spring blooms. In our country where the climate tends towards being tropical with sweltering tendencies in midsummer, tulip bulbs are stored in an artificially cooled environment at a steady 5 degrees. Mimicking the European cold means they’re tricked into believing it’s spring when they’re removed from their 5-degree environment and brought to the warmer temperatures offered by our mild winters.

Tulip: The highlighted beauties

 Echoing the beauty of a rose without any of the thorns, the TULIPS FOXTROT- PEONY is a feminine beauty guaranteed to add colour and a dash of grace to the garden. It is suitable for growing in pots and favours semi-shade. The delight of its bloom will reach a height of around 30 CM and makes a marvellous cut flower.    TULIPS FLAMING PARROT is so named for their bright colours which closely resemble the feathered exuberance of a tropical bird. The bright yellow and red are lively and celebratory, a wonderful way to add a flight of colour and joy to the garden. Like all other tulips, they can be planted in May to flower in August. Give them a depth of 5 CM under the ground with a space of 8 CM between bulbs.  TULIPS TEMPLES FAVOURITE - Picture clean, crisp lines in a vivid, warm orange and red hue standing as tall as a ruler-length above the ground. Magnificent as a no-frills bouquet and gorgeous in a pot, this versatile beauty is named a favourite for a reason. With the right watering, you can expect prolonged flowering throughout the cold months.  TULIPS PURPLE PRINCE is a majestic example of a tulip. A rich magenta colour sets this flower in its own class. Plant it with dainty white flowers to highlight the regal attributes it offers. Two months after planting it will yield a beautiful, vibrant bloom provided you have ensured the correct water and growing conditions are present.  Have you ever seen such a luscious and feminine tulip? TULIPS PRETTY WOMAN with its rich red hue and sophisticated pout is the perfect tulip to grow and harvest to enjoy indoors. The ideal accompaniment to a romantic dinner or as a gift on a first date. It’s fresh with originality and conveys a romantic meaning with utmost sincerity. Tulips, Ranunculi, Hemerocallis, Daffodils, and Irises will add beauty and colour to your garden throughout the chilly months of winter. If you enjoy a dry winter, a soothing warm drink in the late afternoons under an ambient sunset will pair perfectly with your rainbow garden to give you a peaceful setting to end each day off with. Tulips can be potted and enjoyed indoors too, a great addition to the patio. Which tulips are your favourite? Browse here and pick the prettiest for your garden:
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