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Canna Lily - Pretoria - 2 bulbs p-pack

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Introducing the Canna lily 'Pretoria', a glowingly vibrant addition to your outdoor space. Popular for having outstanding foliage and zesty blooms, they are sure to make a statement in sunny borders or large containers. You are sure to get the tropical look you desire this summer.

Common name: Canna lily
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Planting time: August - May
Flowering time: October - May
Active growth: March - April and September
Dormant: May - August
Lifting time: Not necessary - leave in ground and cover with a thick layer of mulch in late autumn.
Type: Rhizome
Mature height: 50cm - 2m
Planting depth: 5cm
Plant spacing: 40cm
Lowest temperature: -2°C
Watering: water regularly and deeply from spring right through during summer. Keep dry in winter.
Position and soil  
Plant in well draining soil, that is richly composted and manured.
Further Care
Guard against aphids, slugs and snails.
Easily propagated by root division.

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