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Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November
Summer bulb pre-orders are shipped from August to November
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Alluring Asiatic Lilliums

June may be a cold and quiet time in the garden, but it’s the perfect time to add a little glitz and glamour by planting some Asiatic liliums. There’s a large selection to choose from and they’re all wonderfully easy to grow.

Asiatics are an attractive and effective way to fill any gaps in the summer garden with vivid colour without disturbing the more permanent plants.

Asiatic liliums are as tough as old boots, provide a bounty of blooms for vases, are adaptable and wonderfully tolerant of South Africa’s hot summers.

They come in a wide range of brilliant colours from startling red to soft and pretty pink which means they can be used to create eye-popping pockets of colour or gentle waves of soft, pretty cottage colours. Another great advantage they have is that they’re great in pots.

Planting in June Top Tips

  • Lilies don’t like to be out the ground for long so plant them ASAP.
  • Check the back of the bulb pack for specific planting instructions.
  • Good drainage is an essential key to healthy plants.
  • Best results are achieved by planting where the bulb itself is shaded, but the stem and flowers grow into the sunlight, for example growing through a ground cover or low growing annuals.
  • Liliums prefer a slightly acidic soil and this can be achieved via slow release through acid mulch.
  • Emerging sprouts are susceptible to frost damage. Protect the sprouts by placing an upturned pot or box over them when frost is expected.

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