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Cyrtanthus falcatus - Knysna Lily - 2 bulbs p/pack

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Cyrtanthus falcatus, commonly known as the Knysna lily, produces pretty, star-shaped blooms in abundance. Growing this plant is easy, making it a popular addition to many gardens.

Family: Amaryllidaceae 
Common name: fire lily, Knysna lily 
Sun exposure: Semi-shade 
Planting time: May
Flowering time: Spring / summer 
Active growth: December - April
Dormant: May – August
Lifting time: May
Type: True bulb
Mature height: 20-35cm
Planting depth: plant with neck exposed 
Plant spacing: 5cm apart
Watering: Once a week when planted in the ground for 10 minutes

Position and soil
Cyrtanthus require well-draining sandy soil with some compost and are grown best in a pot or in a rockery. They should be kept completely dry during dormant periods and it is recommended to only lift the bulbs during this season if there are no alternatives.

Further Care
Mulch with compost. Guard against lily borer.