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Pokon - Coco Growing Medium (Compact) - 10L

by Hadeco
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Pokon Coco Growing Medium

Since 1929 Pokon has been pampering every plant and every lawn. Our products represent more than 85years of Dutch experience. Moreover Pokon develops products in co-operation with Wageningen University, the leading institute in the world of horticulture. With Pokon Coco Growning Medium you are guaranteed the best plant care.
This Pokon Coco Growing Medium consists of composted coconut fibre from the soft parks of the husk. This soil is 100% natural and a compressed, pure and environmentally friendly soil mix for your pot plants.
Pokon Coco Growing Medium is ideal for pot plants. Just add three litres of water to the packaging, and in a few minutes the soil is ready for use. The coconut fibre ensures a well-aerated and porous soil structure, so that roots can develop quickly.
Instructions for use:
  • Open the packaging by cutting off the top
  • Add three litres of water
  • Within a few minutes, the soil is ready to use.
  • Start with a layer of Pokon Hydro Pebbles in the bottom of the pot. (Hydro pebbles improve the water balance in the pot.)
  • Next, add a layer of fresh Pokon Coco Growing Medium.
  • If the plant has dried out, soak the roots in water first and then plant it in the pot.
  • Add potting soil up to the top and press down gently.
  • For ease of watering, the final level should be about 2cm below the rim of the pot.
  • Finally, water your potted plants regularly.
Tip: Plants need nutrients
Thanks to the coconut fibres, your plants will require watering less often that in a standard growing medium. Only water them if the soil feels dry.
We recommend that you use Pokon plant food or fertiliser to give your plants the additional nourishment they need.