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Pokon - Cocoa Shells - 50L

by Hadeco
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Pokon Cocoa Shells

Pokon Cocoa Shells are a decorative mulch that is ideal for use in borders. These are the cocoa shells that are left over after cocoa bean processing, which are 100% natural ingredients. Mulching your border with this decorative product stops the soil from drying out too quickly. In addition, because of their structure, cocoa shells keep snails away and make it more difficult for weeds to become established.

Instructions for use:

  • First remove any weeds that may be present.
  • Then spread the cocoa shells evenly over the soil to a depth of 3-4cm.
  • Spray the cocoa shells with water to prevent them blowing away.
After six weeks, the shells will develop a deep brown colour. Any mold growth is part of the natural decomposition process and will eventually disappear. A bag of this product is enough for approx. 2-3m3.
Available in 10L bags

Please note:

On rare occasions, dogs have been known to eat cocoa shells. As dogs can suffer severe reactions from a substance contained in cocoa shells (and chocolate), we recommend caution if dogs are in the vicinity and fresh cocoa shells have just been laid. In the unlikely event that your dog eats some cocoa shells, we recommend that you take the dog to the vet as soon as possible, giving details of what it has eaten.